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Is the Landlord or Tenant Responsible for Pest Control?

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Living in Nevada is a little different than in other areas of the country. The Nevada heat allows many unwanted pests to thrive in the area. Scorpions, black widow and brown recluse spiders, a variety of ants, and cockroaches all love to call this area home. Add to the fact that places like Las Vegas re major tourist destinations, and you can also add bed bugs to the mix of unwelcomed pests that would require extensive treatment to remove from the home.

Keeping your apartment free from these pests is essential to your health and happiness. Many of these bugs can carry diseases or cause allergic reactions. Spider and scorpion bites can be very painful and dangerous. So it is essential to have continual pest control services in your apartment to ensure that the residents are not harmed.

The question is, who is responsible for pest control services in Nevada, the landlord or the tenant?

Landlord Responsibilities For Pest Control

In the State of Nevada, a landlord who is offering a dwelling space for rent must ensure that it is habitable. Under NRS118A.290, the landlord must offer an apartment that:

  • Has protection from the weather (doors, roof, windows) that are in good repair
  • Does not have water damage or mold infestation from previous water damage
  • Working plumbing fixtures that are in compliance with the law
  • Adequate running water supply
  • Proper electrical outlets and lighting for the structure
  • Adequate heating and ventilation in place
  • Appropriate receptacles for garbage. Landlord must make arrangements for garbage removal.
  • All ceilings, walls, floors, stairwells, stairs, and railings must be in good working order.
  • The unit must be free of pests and vermin.

State law requires that the landlord keep the unit in properly maintained and habitable order for the rental lease to remain in effect. However, the law clearly states that if damages or other conditions cause the property to become uninhabitable, the landlord is not responsible for the damages.

When Is The Landlord Responsible?

In most cases, it has been found that landlords are responsible for providing pest control prior to renting the property and if any pests are found within the first 30 days of a rental contract. After the 30 days, it is assumed that the pest infestations are caused by the living habits of the renter.

For instance, a renter that does not properly dispose of garbage or has visitors that bring bed bugs into the home are responsible for ridding the apartment of the infestation. However, if the infestation is caused by something that happened to the house that the landlord has not repaired, such as a leaking roof, the pest control is the landlords responsibility, regardless of how much of the lease time passed.

For the landlord to be responsible legally for pest control services after the initial 30 days, it must be proven that their actions are responsible for the infestation.

What Renters Need To Do Before Moving In

It is very important for any renter to make sure that they clearly read the terms of their lease agreement before signing it and moving in. The responsibility for pest control services should be clearly stated in the contract. You will discover by reading the terms if the landlord will continue to provide services for pest control of if you are responsible.

If the terms for pest control are not in your contract, make sure that you ask about these terms and ask for them to be placed in writing. By having the terms in writing, you can guarantee that you will have continued pest control services either by the landlord or by yourself.

If you are required to provide your own services, you can ask your landlord to recommend a company or seek out a professional company that offers monthly treatments. Treatments that take place at longer intervals can allow many pests to enter the home.

Nevada is a wonderful place to live. However, all residents understand how important it is to keep unwanted pests out of their homes. Know the terms of your contract, and if necessary, sign up for pest control service to begin a month after you move in.

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