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Las Vegas Scorpion Control 

Scorpion Control Specialists in Clark County

Scorpions may play a key role in their natural environment, stopping the insect population from getting too large. Still, they are not creatures you ever want to find in your home. So if you are suffering from an infestation, call Fischer’s Pest Control about scorpion control so you can protect your whole household.

Contact us at (702) 815-7894, and our team would be happy to answer any questions you have.

Where Scorpions Tend to Live

Although scorpions can be found in many parts of the Southwestern United States, Las Vegas is a hot zone for these pests. Scorpions do not stay contained in the desert. Unfortunately, even though this is the natural habitat, they are most associated with. 

During the most scorching parts of the day, they enjoy finding cool, dark places around your home to hide, including:

  • Garages, cellars, basements, and crawl spaces: Because these entrances are usually not sealed or insulated, scorpions can easily make their way through the cracks to take shelter in these shaded areas.
  • Around swimming pools, ponds, Jacuzzis, fountains, and pipelines: Scorpions are highly attracted to anywhere that water is collecting. Even if you thoroughly chlorinate and treat your pool, scorpions will still enjoy the refreshing moisture, so be extra cautious around these areas.
  • Bathtubs, showers, and beneath sinks: If a scorpion finds its way inside, it will often be drawn to these cool, moist places. Be extra cautious of shower curtains, since these can easily hide a lurking scorpion.
  • In shoes and slippers: Because these small, dark “containers” are so near to the ground, scorpions love to wander inside. Stepping into a pair of shoes without checking them could be something you regret for a long time.
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Leaving Your Scorpion Problem to Professionals

The presence of scorpions in your home or business can be a worrisome and stressful experience. If you have recently seen small bugs that look like crickets or roaches but have tails, it's likely that you're seeing baby scorpions.

If you've seen a scorpion, it's important to note that it may not be alone. A single scorpion can lay up to 50 eggs at one time! You may be wondering what might be attracting them and how can you get rid of them? Having trees around your home that attract insects that they eat could definitely attract them.

Whether you only appear to have a few scorpions laying around or a whole colony, it is a big mistake trying to handle them on your own, since their stings can be excruciatingly painful or even deadly. 

Always reach out to a team of pest experts as soon as you discover a scorpion lurking inside your property. Professional exterminators will be able to use methods that are much more powerful than generic, over-the-counter sprays. For example, by utilizing superior flushing agents such as black lights, technicians can easily find where these scorpions are hiding. On account of a chemical that makes them glow when the black light hits them, scorpions can never hide from a specialist’s careful eye. 

Once the current generation is removed, our knowledgeable experts at Fischer’s Pest Control can apply powerful pesticides in a barrier around your home or business, which will keep any new scorpions from entering

Reach out to us today at (702) 815-7894 or contact our team online to discover how to put a stop to these pests with our Las Vegas scorpion control services.

Las Vegas Scorpion Pest Control Service

If you discover a scorpion on your property or inside your home, you may manage to safely deal with the pest with do-it-yourself pest control options. Unfortunately, finding one almost certainly means there are many more nearby. Typical sprays and tools from the hardware store can handle one or two scorpions, but this method is not effective for eliminating a colony. If you want to ensure your home is scorpion-free, leave it to the professionals at Fischer’s Pest Control. Professional pest exterminators can eliminate any scorpion problems you may have in and around your home. They can also treat any other bug problems that may occur which will eliminate the food source for the scorpions. Reaching out to Fischer’s Pest Control is the safest, most effective method of treating scorpion problems.

Black Light Exclusion Service

At Fischer’s Pest Control, we know just where to find scorpions invading your home. With the aid of flushing agents, our skilled technicians can locate and trap Las Vegas scorpions with the use of a black light. Scorpions’ exoskeletons glow in reaction to the black light, making it possible to find them even in the best hiding spots in your home.

Once scorpions are collected and removed from the Las Vegas property, we apply specialized preventative pesticides that will keep them out. Our methods are far more effective than over-the-counter solutions and are guaranteed to keep your home free of scorpions.

Most Common Types of Scorpions in Las Vegas

  • Bark Scorpions: This scorpion is the most common and most venomous of all scorpions and unfortunately, this is the scorpion you’re most likely to see in Las Vegas. These scorpions live in communities that can grow into the thousands and can easily invade a home or property if not kept under control. It should always be assumed if you see one that there are many more nearby.
  • Striped Tail Scorpion: While not nearly as venomous as the bark scorpion, striped tail scorpions are a common pest in the Las Vegas valley. The striped tail scorpion’s sting is not as potentially life-threatening but is about as painful and dangerous as a bee sting.
  • Giant Hairy Scorpion: The Arizona giant hairy scorpion, also known as the desert hairy scorpion, is the largest and most intimidating of Nevada’s three prominent species. While its sting is not as deadly as the bark scorpion, its large size can make them an especially frightening pest for homeowners to handle without help from a scorpion removal specialist.

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FRequently Asked Questions
  • Can scorpions climb walls?

    Of the three most common types of Nevada scorpions, bark scorpions and striped tail scorpions are excellent climbers. Giant hairy scorpions are less capable climbers and tend to stay at ground level.  Unfortunately, this means that the smaller bark and striped tail scorpions can get just about anywhere in your home once they’re inside, and the larger, more intimidating giant hairy scorpion is most likely to be on the floor. Contact Fischer’s Pest Control to learn about how to keep scorpions away from your home or business with our guaranteed preventative care.

  • How do I avoid having scorpions in and around the home?

    Since scorpions eat other bugs, the best way to keep them out is to eliminate their food source. Regular monthly pest control service which keeps bugs away will also help to prevent scorpions. Call Fischer’s Pest Control today to find out how our guaranteed prevention service can help you stay scorpion-free.

  • How do scorpions get in the house?

    Bark scorpions and stripe-tailed scorpions can be quite small and slip through surprisingly narrow cracks and gaps in your home’s entryways. Giant hairy scorpions have more trouble squeezing in but are very good at finding holes that can get them into uninsulated walls and flooring. It can be very challenging to find where pests gain entry to your home or business. That’s why you should contact Fischer’s Pest Control for scorpion pest control in Las Vegas.

  • How do you find scorpions on your property? When do scorpions come out of hiding?

    Scorpions are most active at night because this is when their prey is most active. However, as soon as the light comes on, they scurry away into hiding. The best way to find scorpions is with a black light. Scorpions have an enzyme within their bodies that glows when it is hit with black light. This tool can make them easy to find, but removing them can be much more difficult. Contact the professional scorpion removal specialists at Fischer’s Pest Control instead.

  • I have scorpions in my home. What should I do?

    Make note of where you have seen them so far, but do not continue to hunt for scorpions on your property. Doing so could be dangerous, and you can safely assume that there are many more if you found one. The best option for removing scorpions is to contact the Las Vegas pest control professionals at Fischer’s Pest Control. They’ll have the equipment and training to get it done safely and effectively.

  • Where do scorpions hide in my home or business?

    Since scorpions like to hide away from the sun, homes and businesses are ideal places for them to find hiding places both indoors and outdoors. Here are the most common hiding places where you might find scorpions in your home or business:

    • Garden and landscaping plants: Scorpions also prefer areas that provide some moisture, especially in the extreme desert heat of Las Vegas. Because plants need to be watered regularly, there’s usually an accumulation of moisture where they grow – typically a yard or garden. Before doing yard work or mowing the lawn, look carefully for any movement that could potentially be a scorpion. Always wear close-toed shoes and gloves when working and be cautious in darker, damper areas.
    • Near swimming pools: Scorpions are also naturally drawn to water, so pools and outdoor drains are a favorite spot for these little pests to gather. Keep your pools chemically treated and well-lit at all times to deter scorpions from getting too close. Check the pool water and surrounding areas carefully before jumping in and shake out damp towels, articles of clothing before using.
    • Garages or basements: The most easily accessible parts of your home or business include the garage and basement because entry points are not always sealed and walls may lack insulation. If you suspect your neighborhood may have scorpions, it’s a good practice to keep the garage or basement well-lit and always wear shoes while in these areas. You can also use a black light to regularly scan for scorpions as they glow in the dark using this method.
    • Underneath sinks: The areas underneath sinks or vanities both in the kitchen and in bathrooms are ideal hiding places for scorpions in Las Vegas. These enclosed spaces are dark, damp, and hidden from the rest of the room, so it’s one of the first places they’ll go if they’re able to get into the house. The best thing you can do to prevent this is to keep the area under your sink clean and organized and check it regularly using a black light.
    • Showers and bathtubs: Showers and bathtubs offer the same attraction as swimming pools to scorpions with the bonus of being in an air-conditioned house. If scorpions can get inside your home, this is a common area you may find them. Be sure to check the tub and shake out the shower curtain before use.
    • Inside shoes: If you have shoes lying around that you don’t often wear, it can be a very attractive hiding spot for a scorpion. Before reaching for that pair of shoes and slipping them on, try shining a light into the shoes or carefully turning them over. To prevent scorpions from hiding in your shoes, keep them in a sealed bag or shoebox.
    • Dark drawers or shelves: Drawers and shelves in a dark and quiet part of a home or business can be perfect shelters for scorpions avoiding the heat of the day. Scorpions can live for months without any food or water, and so they may stay settled in a dim, discreet area for some time. Try to keep everything organized, clean, and well-lit to prevent scorpions and other bugs from infesting these areas.
    • Laundry rooms and closets: Laundry rooms and closets often accumulate clothing piles, creating a perfect den for scorpions to hide in. Always fold your clothes after washing and do your laundry often to avoid having laundry in one area for an extended time. Carefully shake the clothing out before folding and putting them away.
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