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Different Kinds of Bed Bug Treatments

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The bed bug epidemic continues to plague many areas of the United States. Bed bugs in Las Vegas have experienced even larger infestations because of the high volume of travelers coming into the area. While it may seem that bed bugs cannot be eradicated, the truth is there are treatments and preventive measures available that can rid these pests from your home.


If you are going to try to remove the bed bugs from your home yourself, there are a few things that you can do to combat this problem. The first thing that you will need to do is determine which rooms are infested. If you catch the infestation early, you will have a better chance of eliminating these pests. Since they are most often found in bedrooms, this is where you should start.

  • Vacuum And Encase Your Mattress And Box Springs. You will need to take apart your entire bed and vacuum the mattress and box springs. You need to take great care to clean thoroughly around the seams and the tags. Once you have cleaned these items, you will want to put plastic mattress protectors on each one. It is recommended to do this in a double layer. This will kill any bed bugs that may have survived the vacuuming and will prevent more from entering the mattress and box springs.
  • Scrub And Treat Bed Frame. You will need to use hot soapy water followed by a pesticide to clean the entire bedframe. You will need to do this to any furniture near the bed. If you have carpeting, you will need to have the carpets steam cleaned.
  • Wash All Bedding And Clothes In Hot Water. You will also need to dry everything at high temperatures.


Professional exterminators offer bed bug treatments that will eliminate the pests and prevent them from returning. These treatments require the use of commercial pesticides and specific treatment methods. A professional exterminator will come to the house and will perform a complete evaluation as to the extent of the infestation and what needs to be done to eliminate the bed bugs.

Their treatment methods will vary based on the type of home you are living in and the extent of your infestation. If you are living in an apartment complex or a multi-unit dwelling, the exterminator may need to recommend treatment for the entire building to guarantee that the infestation is stopped.


While many people may want to treat bed bugs themselves, the truth is, the best way to get rid of these bugs is through professional extermination. The reason for this is because professional exterminators have access to top quality pesticides that cannot be purchased or used by the public.

Many of these new pesticides require special knowledge and training to use. Professional exterminators also have access to the newest products on the market. Bed bugs acclimate to pesticides easily, making many of the over-the-counter brands ineffective. These newer pesticides can eliminate these pests without issue.

It is also very important to remember that many home treatments can be dangerous. There have been many articles posted about killing bed bugs with extreme heat or cold. Even as bed bug infestations are common in the winter, you could not usually create an even cold or heat throughout the home to effectively kill the bugs.

If you are unfamiliar with applying pesticides, this could also be a health hazard for you and your family. Your best option to eliminate bed bugs is to seek the services of a professional pest control company.

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