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Roach Control in Las Vegas 

Effective Cockroach Control in Clark County, Nevada

There are few things that people hate to discover within their homes and businesses more than a cockroach. When this occurs, it is time to invest in fast and dependable roach control. If you find one roach, there is no doubt that more of its family members are hiding nearby. With our team at Fischer’s Pest Control by your side, you can eliminate this issue before it becomes a full-on invasion.

Contact us at (702) 815-7894 if you are worried that you might be dealing with a stubborn roach problem.

What Are the Consequences of a Roach Infestation?

Although rats and mice often “steal the spotlight” when it comes to pest infestation because of the deadly diseases that they spread, it is important not to take a cockroach invasion lightly. These creatures are not only grotesque to look at, but they carry horrible pathogens and bacteria as well. This is because roaches often enjoy hiding in disgusting areas such as trash cans, sewage systems, bathrooms, and under dark and warm places. They then lay their eggs and scatter their feces all over your food. If you do not invest in rapid extermination, cockroaches are likely to cause all sorts of harm to you and those you care about. 

Some of the worst consequences of having roach intruders include:

  • The spread of diseases such as cholera, dysentery, leprosy, giardia, and salmonella
  • Increase in allergy symptoms on account of the contaminants spread by roaches
  • Loss of food and drink because you have to throw away contaminated products
  • Your reputation will greatly suffer if anyone spots these pests on your property
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How to Get Rid of Your Roach Problems for Good

Cockroaches are some of the hardest pests to remove from your home. Not only are these disgusting creatures extremely fast, capable of skittering out of sight as soon as you turn on the light, but they are often impervious to normal pest control sprays you buy over the counter. Many residents have been known to use a full bottle of popular roach killers, only to see these pests away walk safely, completely unharmed.

A professional team of pest eliminators will start with a comprehensive flush-out to begin removing the first generation of roaches. It is also crucial at this point to bait remaining insects, which will put a damper on their rapid process of reproduction. Finally, a knowledgeable group of technicians will be able to identify the location of the whole colony and make sure that every last roach is held at bay through powerful residual barriers. To understand how our process works, ask our team at Fischer’s Pest Control for the answers you need.

Speak to us at (702) 815-7894 or contact our team online if you are in desperate need of roach extermination & control in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Cockroach Treatment and Prevention

German Cockroach extermination and elimination is particularly difficult. Other common species include oriental cockroaches and American cockroaches. Las Vegas German cockroaches have high resistance to many insecticides and reproduce faster than all other Las Vegas roaches, making it difficult to apply pest control.

Cockroach Pest Control in Las Vegas

German cockroaches are a nocturnal pest measuring .50 – .63 inches in length. Varieties in Las Vegas come in tan, brown, to almost black in color, and have two, dark parallel streaks spanning from the head to the base of the wings. Although the German cockroach has wings, it is unable to fly.


Las Vegas roach elimination in Las Vegas is a thorough process. We begin by applying flushing agents to the area. Then, we administer a form of birth control or IGR, to control their reproduction rate. As a final step, we apply residual barriers to  ensure colony elimination. This process can take up to 90 days for total elimination.


To eliminate  the Las Vegas population of cockroaches and prevent future infestations from outside sources,  monthly treatment with liquids, aerosols, dusts and baits is required. All German Cockroach  work is guaranteed with a monthly service after 90 days.

Preventing Roaches in the First Place

Prevention is key when it comes to cockroaches. There are definitely ways to help prevent infestations prior to reaching out to a roach exterminator.

The best way to avoid cockroach infestations is by:

  •  Thoroughly cleaning your living spaces.
  • Keeping food sealed in containers.
  • Disposing of trash promptly. 
  • Sealing cracks & crevices

 If you follow these simple steps, cockroaches won't have any chance of invading your home in the first place.

If you've noticed that cockroaches have entered your home, contact the professionals at Fischer's Pest Control!

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FRequently Asked Questions
  • What is the lifespan of a cockroach?

    If roaches have a food and water supply and are left undisturbed, they have been known to live anywhere from 1-2 years. However, there are environmental factors and other conditions that can affect the lifespan of a roach.

  • Are cockroaches harmful?

    Cockroaches are known as pests because they can be harmful to people, particularly if you have a large infestation. Roaches are likely to carry bacteria and pathogens because they often live in unsanitary areas, including sewers, bathrooms, and garbage bins. These pathogens can cause diseases, such as diarrhea and colera, and viral outbreaks. It’s always best to eliminate cockroaches immediately before an infestation becomes worse.

  • What attracts cockroaches to my home?

    Cockroaches are generally attracted to accessible food and grease, including leftovers sitting on your counter, food in your trash cans, dirty dishes left in the sink, grease around the stove and crumbs dropped on the floor. Cockroaches are also attracted to moisture, so keep an eye out for leaky pipes or damp areas. These are some reasons roaches may be coming into your home.

  • What kind of cockroaches do we have in Las Vegas?

    There are several different types of cockroaches found in Las Vegas and throughout Southern Nevada. These include the German Cockroach, Oriental Cockroach, and American Cockroach. The most difficult to eradicate is the German Cockroach, which can vary in color (tan to almost black) and size (.50 – .63 inches in length), and reproduces faster than other types of roaches.

  • “Once the ants started showing up this summer, I knew I didn't want to deal with it again. I contacted Fischer's Pest Control, and after the first visit I never saw another live ant, roach, spider, or anything. Extremely friendly!”

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