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  • Rodents $180 UP TO 2500 SQ FT

    Placement of Rodent monitoring bait stations. Ongoing monthly services are required until 60 days of rodent-free activity is achieved.

    Maintenance after initial service $75 Monthly

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Las Vegas Rodent Control 

Rodent Removal in Clark County

As soon as you have the slightest hint that your home has been invaded by rodents — whether because you have spotted telltale droppings and gnawing marks or because you’ve seen an actual rat — you need to act fast. Because these notorious creatures are known for their adaptability, they can often avoid capture through generic traps. To avoid a massive infestation, schedule rapid rodent control with our professionals at Fischer’s Pest Control to provide the security you need.

Contact us at (702) 815-7894 for personal support for your rodent issues.

The Importance of Scheduling Immediate Rodent Inspections

Not only are rodents a major nuisance — eating all your food and chewing your furniture — but they spread deadly diseases as well. These illnesses are carried not only by unsanitary rats themselves, as they leave droppings and urine everywhere, but by the fleas and ticks on rodents’ fur. 

Some of the diseases passed by rodents and their parasites include:

  • Salmonella
  • Leptospirosis
  • The plague 
  • Rat bite fever
  • Typhus
  • Fur allergies 
  • Increased asthma
  • Other bacterial infections

Protect your loved ones’ care at all costs by investing in a rodent inspection by our qualified technicians. The sooner you schedule your appointment with our Las Vegas rodent control professionals, the more costly damage you can avoid.

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Why Professional Extermination Is the Best Method of Stopping Your Rodent Problem

Some people who own homes or businesses wonder if it is really necessary to resort to professional support, or whether they can tackle a rodent problem on their own. There are several reasons why you should come to experts first, rather than trying to resolve the situation yourself. First of all, in addition to being very small and fast, rodents are known for being extremely adaptable pests. Not only are these speedy creatures difficult to catch as they pop in and out of tiny holes on your property, but generic traps don’t usually fool them (and they quickly learn to recognize and avoid these locations).

Moreover, rats and mice breed at such a rapid rate that the populations can become out of control in a very short time. Rely on expert rodent specialists to come up with the right methods not only for elimination of the current colony, but also for preventing future generations. This can be through a combination of special traps and monitoring stations to kill off current rodents, with detailed exclusion to block off any potential return of new infestations. By coming to our professionals at Fischer’s Pest Control right away, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing your rodent problem is at an end.

Get in touch with us today at (702) 815-7894 or contact our team online to learn about everything that is involved in our Las Vegas rodent control services.


Rats, Mice & Rodent Pest Control in Las Vegas


There are a lot of variables when dealing with Rodents. But our minimum charge is $150.00 for initial placement of monitoring stations and traps, then $60.00 monthly until we achieve 60 days of no activity. Please call our office at (702) 815-7894 if you have additional questions or would like to set up service. When you choose to work with Fischer’s Pest Control, you know you’ll be getting exceptional customer service from licensed and insured exterminators who always get results. 

Here’s how we’ll approach your mice or rat extermination after your free evaluation:

  1. Rodent management, control, and elimination should begin with a thorough inspection of the building or property where the suspected infestation is occurring. Identifying the rodent “target” is an important step in deciding what control procedure must be taken.
  2. To ensure complete rodent control, we apply monitoring stations and traps to eliminate the rodents. 
  3. Rat proofing a home is the next step towards exclusion. The main and all possible entry points must be identified. Remember, not all entries are visible from outside. Our trained rodent exterminators must go into attics or crawl spaces to find the most accessible entries for rodents, which are often missed by inexperienced technicians. We will also remove all feces and nesting materials to ensure nothing is left behind.

We conduct our thorough inspection and elimination process quickly and with as little disruption to your home as possible. Our friendly rodent exterminators in Las Vegas are ready to help you get your home back and restore your peace of mind.

Health Concerns From A Rodent Infestation

Having rats in your home can be very dangerous. Not only can they cause extensive damage to the home itself, they create health hazards. Rats and mice leave urine and droppings everywhere they scurry. These contaminates have been associated with:

  • Plague
  • Typhus
  • Salmonella
  • Rat Bite Fever
  • Leptospirosis
  • Allergies from fur
  • Asthma
  • Flea infestations
  • Other bacterial infection


  • The first thing that you must do is clean up the outside area of your home. You want to remove any excess weeds from around your home and fence areas. Clean up piles of leaves around your yard. If you store firewood, make sure it is at least a foot off of the ground.
  • Trim and maintain any landscaping that is touching the roof line of the home at least 5 feet away from the roof line.
  • Make sure that you keep all of your trash in a tightly sealed trash can. Try to avoid putting food products in the trash by using a garbage disposal. Do not lean trash cans up directly against your home.
  • Check your windows and doors for spaces that may allow light to shine through. Rodents can squeeze through very small places and will attempt to do so if they see light or can smell food from inside your home. Look for cracks in your foundation and check your roof vents very carefully. Sometimes duct work around furnaces are not always properly sealed. Since it’s nice and warm, it’s a perfect spot for them to set up shop. These can also cause issues with HVAC systems. Use steel wool to fill gaps, and make sure that your dryer vent has a mesh screen over it to block an entrance to your home. Make sure to secure pet doors at night.

When To Call An Exterminator

Rodents are more than a nuisance, they are a health risk. If you find any evidence of rats or mice in your home, it is advisable to call an exterminator immediately. While some over-the-counter extermination methods may have a little impact on a rodent infestation, they may not be aggressive enough to stop the problem. Rats and mice breed quickly and the sighting of one mouse or rat could actually lead to hundreds of them within a few months if not treated. A professional exterminator can quickly stop the infestation which will allow you to retake control of your home. Contact us for professional rodent control services in Las Vegas today to see how our experts can help.

FRequently Asked Questions
  • What kind of rats do we have in Las Vegas?

    The Norway rat is common in Las Vegas. It’s easily identifiable due to its large size and aggressive nature. The pest can grow to be nearly 9 inches in length or up to 18 inches including the tail! The Norway rat has coarse dark brown fur that is lighter on the belly.

    The roof rat is several inches smaller than the Norway rat and has black, shiny fur. The ears are large and mostly hairless, and they have pointy noses. The tail of the rat is usually longer than its body. The roof rat is also nocturnal and tends to burrow for shelter.

    Las Vegas is also home to field mice and house mice. Both rodents are much smaller than the two rats found in the area but can still cause problems for residents. Their smaller size, speed, and climbing abilities make it easy for these mice to find access to homes.

    The Most Common Rodents in Las Vegas

    • Norway Rat. This rat is very destructive. It is a large at, weighing up to one pound, and is considerably long compared to other rats. These rats are scavengers and are attracted to cluttered areas and love garbage. Although there are not a lot of problems with this type of rat in the Las Vegas area, they still have been seen on occasion. These rats can breed very quickly, so when one is seen, action should be taken to exterminate the rodent.
    • Roof Rats. The Roof Rat first appeared in the Las Vegas Valley area around 1990. It is believed that they made it to the area on imported palm trees. These rats are small and have a much longer tail in comparison to a Norway Rat, but are still very destructive. Roof Rats are more prone to eating natural foods like fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts, but they have been known to dig through garbage when food is scarce. Roof Rats have been a large problem in the Las Vegas area because they breed rapidly. Each female rat can have eight babies each litter, and can have up to six litters a year.
    • Field Mice. These small mice live in the fields or on farms where they can easily access vegetation to eat. Field mice, however, are omnivores and will eat meat or anything else they determine is safe to eat. Field mice are known to burrow into the ground to get to a food source. Field mice have litters of babies that can easily exceed 14 each time. Stopping the population is necessary because offspring can start reproducing within 8 weeks of birth.
  • Do you eliminate rats inside as well as outside the home?

    Yes, Fischer’s Pest Control can eliminate your rodent infestation inside your home or business as well as the outside area.

  • Can I use over-the-counter remedies to eliminate rats?
    These products are typically not aggressive enough to combat a rodent infestation. With Fischer’s Pest Control, you’ll get guaranteed results.
  • Why are rodents considered dangerous?

    Rats and rodents can carry diseases and parasites that are harmful to humans. You and your family could be at risk of catching these diseases through exposure to rodent feces and urine. They can also bring in bacteria and germs by walking over counters and other surfaces after foraging in unsanitary conditions.

    Health Concerns From A Rodent Infestation

    Having rats in your home can be very dangerous. Not only can they cause extensive damage to the home itself, they create health hazards. Rats and mice leave urine and droppings everywhere they scurry. These contaminates have been associated with:

    • Plague
    • Typhus
    • Salmonella
    • Rat Bite Fever
    • Leptospirosis
    • Allergies from fur
    • Asthma
    • Flea infestations
    • Other bacterial infections
  • Why are Las Vegas mice & rats so hard to catch?

    Rats are remarkably adaptable vermin and notoriously hard to catch. They are small creatures that can slip in and out of small holes, crevices, and cracks in your home that you may have never even noticed. They’re also quick, alert, and always on the move.

    Generally, laying traps isn’t enough to completely rid your property of mice or rats. It’s essential to get to the root of the problem―find how they accessed your home or business and where they are nesting. If you fail to do that, you are just treating the symptoms and not the cause of the infestation. Also, mice will quickly learn to avoid mouse traps altogether if you aren’t strategic with where you place them.

  • What attracts rodents and rats?

    The main thing that attracts rodents to your home is a food source. Additionally, rats will look for a place where they can nest and breed. Rodents prefer clutter and unclean areas because it provides them with a place to hide. Rodents will nest indoors or outdoors, so it is important to also keep the outside of your home uncluttered and clean as well as the inside.

  • How do I know I have a rodent or rat infestation?

    As pest specialists, we know what signs to look for when inspecting your property for a rat or rodent infestation. But to the untrained eye, it could be harder to know what type of pest you’re dealing with. Here are some signs to look for if you think you may have a mouse or rat problem:

    • Holes in the walls or entryways
    • Rodent feces or urine in corners, under sinks, or other hidden areas
    • Rustling noises in the walls or ceiling
    • Chewing or gnawing marks on food containers

    Of course, if you see a mouse or rat in your home or business, you can be sure there are others nearby. Working with rat and mice pest control experts in Las Vegas will ensure you find the source of the problem, eliminate the issue quickly and safely, and prevent future rodent or rat infestations.

  • “I called Fischer Pest Control to do an initial spraying/set up for our property. I have not seen any pests to date but it is always a good idea to pre-treat. The technician was on time, friendly and very knowledgeable about pests and rodents.”

    Melinda B.
  • “Great job--eliminated a rodent problem in less than a week.”

    John N.