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Although bees may be very helpful to our ecosystem, they are not the types of insects that you want to have around on your own property. If you are tired of having to run inside every time a swarm of bees attacks your outdoor barbeque, or if you want to prevent the possibility of having an allergic reaction to a bee sting, speak to our team at Fischer’s Pest Control. We are devoted to our clients and ready to offer superior bee control services so your backyard can truly belong to you again. 

If you are worried about a possible bee infestation on your property, contact us now at (702) 815-7894 so we can arrange for a safe removal of the colony from your home. 

Where Do Bees Tend to Hide?

The first element of bee removal is identifying where the colony or hive is located. In some cases, this can be quite easy to achieve, but in other scenarios it may be very challenging, since bees are known to make their homes everywhere.

Just a few examples of the wide variety of locations bees may live in include:

  • Outdoor enclosures like birdbaths, fountains, or mailboxes
  • Abandoned cars (in the trunk, seats, hood, or even beneath the engine)
  • In the corners of roofs, ceilings, walls, gables, and gutters
  • Inside old trees and fallen logs
  • Hidden in the grass or amongst tree roots and bushes

Once the hive has been located, it is up to a team of knowledgeable professionals to decide exactly how to handle the bees inside. To keep you and your household safe, our technicians will decide exactly which liquid pesticide, aerosol spray, or dusting treatment should be used to eradicate your bee problem.

Only Allow Professionals to Remove a Colony From Your Property

Because many people have seen wildlife shows or online videos showing humans “interacting” with bees, they may get the idea that this is something they can handle as well. You would be surprised at just how many incidents there have been with homeowners trying to light a fire to “smoke out” bees, which is highly ineffective and dangerous. Much of this media represents false scenarios with actors or shows professionals with years of training. The tragic result is that DIY homeowners attempting to remove a colony or a honeycomb on their own only end up with lots of stings or bites, and nothing else to show for their endeavors.

The best way to prevent this situation from occurring is by calling knowledgeable specialists to handle the bee problem at your property. You can avoid these traumatic consequences by reaching out to our technicians at Fischer’s Pest Control for dedicated support. 

Speak to us today at (702) 815-7894 or contact our team online, and we would be happy to answer all your questions about our Las Vegas bee control services.


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    "Friendly and very knowledgeable about pests and rodents."

    I called Fischer Pest Control to do an initial spraying/set up for our property. I have not seen any pests to date but it is always a good idea to pre-treat. The technician was on time, friendly and very knowledgeable about pests and rodents.

    - Melinda B.
    "They always go above and beyond!"

    I have been using Fischer’s for over three years and I am forever grateful for their professional service. Kevin is the technician that comes to my home he always uses pet safe sprays!

    - Michelle W.
    "Thanks guys for your loyal service."

    We have been using Fischer's Pest Control since 2004, having excellent service from their service technicians. If we have an issue, they are here to address our issue.

    - American Jetting Services
    "Excellent service!"

    Thanks Ryan for the great job you did on my home! No insects, spiders, scorpions that's a plus especially for my kids and my german shepherd! Inside and out I recommend this company for those who want a great job at an affordable price.

    - Jon N.
    "Recommend this company to anyone in Las Vegas that has a pest control need."

    Once the ants started showing up this summer, I knew I didn't want to deal with it again. I contacted Fischer's Pest Control, and after the first visit I never saw another live ant, roach, spider, or anything. Extremely friendly!

    - William K.
    "They are knowledgeable, prompt and professional."

    We got bed bugs from some used furniture and could not get rid of them. They spread to two other family members homes since we didn't know at the time that we had them. Fischer's got rid of them the first treatment at all three properties.

    - Brian C.
    "They are my first and only company to call for pest removal."

    Fischer's Pest Control team was on time and effective while providing excellent customer service. I had a bee infestation on the roof of my house. They are my first and only company to call for pest removal.

    - Lance B.
    "Professional, friendly, and very knowledgeable about the products that they use!"

    Our family has had Fischer's Pest Control for the past 10 years. I would not use any other pest control company. I have recommended Fischer’s Pest Control to all my family, co-workers & friends. FISCHER’S PEST CONTROL IS THE BEST IN LAS VEG

    - Christine L.

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