Bed Bug Control
  • Bed Bugs $1000 UP TO 2500 SQ FT

    Additional fees will be added to the initial service based on how many and what size mattress and box springs are in the property.

    Maintenance after initial service $60 Monthly.

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Bed Bug Control in Las Vegas 

Bed Bug Removal Experts in Clark County

When you are looking to get rid of bed bugs for good, our dedicated team at Fischer’s Pest Control is ready to step in right away with our professional bed bug control services in Las Vegas. Since we know that bed bugs can multiply extremely quickly, we can provide prompt bed bug control to eradicate your infestations fast.

To get more information about destroying a bed bug invasion on your property, contact us at (702) 815-7894.

Where Do Bed Bugs Like To Hide?

Contrary to their name, bed bugs do not only live within your bedding, mattresses, pillows, and blankets. Instead, they are quite happy to also make their abode in furniture, along the walls, behind picture frames, and in the vents. 

What are Signs You Have Bed Bugs In Your Home? 

They will come out for a short time when morning breaks, drawn to human body heat as well as the carbon dioxide emitted as we sleep, but as soon as they are done feeding, these creatures return to hiding again. Because they are so small and good at obscuring themselves, it will be highly challenging to discover them, let alone kill them, unless you have many years of experience and training.

Since you often cannot see bed bugs, it is important to recognize other signs of their presence, including:

  • Brown or reddish stains from their fecal matter
  • Small marks of blood left on the bedding
  • Husk-like shells of eggs and larvae skins
  • Musty odor from the urine of bed bugs

Ready to get started? Contact us at (702) 815-7894. for bed bug control in las Vegas!

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How a Thorough Bed Bug Treatment Works

The key to eliminating bed bugs starts by having all your belonging completely prepared. Before you get started with the bed bug treatment, every fabric material must be fully removed from the area. After these objects have been carefully washed and dried with extremely high heat, they must remain outside of your home for at least seven days, so the bed bugs will not return. 

Once all these objects are removed, the bed bug treatment itself can begin. One of the most effective methods used by experts today is applying a powerful liquid pesticide to the whole foundation of your house. If there are any locations that cannot receive a liquified treatment, then a pesticide made from dust can be utilized. The combination of these products, applied by our skilled professionals at Fischer’s Pest Control, will safely eliminate all bed bugs that remain.  Then, the highest-grade bedbug covers are used to trap bedbugs in the mattress and box spring which they are infesting. Large objects, such as furniture, are treated by our technicians then steam is applied to any areas of fabric to eliminate remaining Las Vegas bedbugs.

Call us today at (702) 815-7894 or contact us online for our superior bed bug control in Las Vegas.

FRequently Asked Questions
  • Can I use insecticides on bed bugs?

    DIY solutions for bed bugs typically do not work. Eliminating bed bugs is an extensive process that must be done properly to ensure they are eliminated. Fischer’s Pest Control guarantees our work and can save you a lot of time and headache.

  • Do bedbugs only live in beds?

    While commonly found in mattresses, bed bugs can be found in many areas. In furniture such as sofa or chair cushions, behind outlets, in cracks and crevices around baseboards, behind picture frames and many more places.

  • “We got bed bugs from some used furniture and could not get rid of them. They spread to two other family members homes since we didn't know at the time that we had them. Fischer's got rid of them the first treatment at all three properties.”

    Brian C.