Argentine Ants

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Argentine Ants Pest Control in Las Vegas

Physical Characteristics of Argentine Ants in Las Vegas

  • Variations in color include a dull red, yellowish or dark brown
  • Workers are .12” long. Queens are double to quadruple the length
  • Emit an odor that is musty and stale when crushed

Argentine Ant Behavior

  • Form supercolonies of ants via unicoloniality, the intermingling of physically separated nests
  • Supercolonies include 100’s of queens
  • Prefer nesting in organic materials that are decomposing
  • Invade homes and other shelter during storms, droughts, etc.

Food Sources in Las Vegas

  • Omnivorous, preferring the juice of fruits or sweet matter

Life Cycle

  • Argentine ants live up to five months

Related Information and Warnings

  • Killing worker ants is futile as queens can produce more workers quickly in Las Vegas
  • Travel occurs along pheromone paths allowing extreme mobility for the colony
  • Over time, the colony/network can infest entire city blocks as a result of unicolonity

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