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Preparing for Your Exterminator

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All residents wish to enjoy their home without worrying about pests. There are many steps you can take to protect your home, and sometimes this will include calling an exterminator. Once you have scheduled an appointment for an exterminator to visit your home, you can take several steps to prepare your residence in order to make their visit as effective as possible. Below we have given several steps to make your home ready as well as some instructions to eliminate specific pests.

General Steps to Prepare

Routine Cleaning for Pests

Regular cleaning can help prevent pests, but it will also increase the effectiveness of your exterminator’s work. This should include removing any sources of food for pests. Begin by sealing any open food. Then clear and clean any place food has been prepared or served. You will then want to clean hardwood floors with a detergent and use a vacuum cleaner thoroughly on any rugs or carpets. To maintain cleanliness, keep your garbage in a sealed can and remove it daily. Any loose paper products, toys, clothing, and other items should be put away as they can be places for pests to make their home.

Remove any visible insects or insect eggs. If you use a vacuum cleaner, make sure you remove the bag afterwards, seal it, and discard the bag. After removing what insects you can see, wipe down and sanitize anything used to remove them. Also, now is a good time to wash your bedding and shake out pillows and cushions on any couches or other furniture.

Home Repair and Maintenance

If you water your lawn or use it to clean outdoor surfaces, do not water the lawn or spray down around the house during the day before treatment. If any water leaks or other maintenance issues come up, repair them before the exterminator comes.

Family Protection

If anyone in your home has special allergies, is pregnant, or is under one year of age, you will want to notify your exterminator. Depending on the treatment, they may need to avoid the residence during treatment and possibly for an extended time afterwards. Contact your exterminator before treatment so you can make arrangements. Also, you will want to cover any house plants, baby toys, supplies, or cribs.

Preparing your Kitchen

If the kitchen is an area where you have found pests or suspect them to be there, here are a few extra steps you will need to take. After all food has been sealed, you will want to remove it from any cupboards or your pantry and place it in an area that will not be receiving treatment. Clear and clean the top of any movable appliances, including refrigerators and stoves. Before your exterminator arrives, pull your movable appliances away from the wall and clean behind and beneath them. You will also want to remove small appliances, such as toasters or microwave ovens, from your counter and wipe the counters.

Prepare Info for Exterminator

Make note of specific pests and where you have seen them or evidence of them. Make a list of questions or concerns for your exterminator, including questions about any changes to make after the treatment.

Steps for Specific Pests

While the previous steps should be taken for any treatment, the following instructions include ways to prepare for specific pest control.

Insect Control Service

The previous steps cover most of the basics for preparing for this treatment. Removing food sources is particularly important because your pest treatment will likely include a gel which the insects will consume. Removing any competing food sources increases the effectiveness of this treatment.

Rodent or Bird Control

If you have seen one mouse, there are likely many family members present that you have not yet seen. They can be living anywhere in the walls or between items in your house. To prepare for treatment, make sure all holes and loose areas around doors have been sealed. Also, make sure the top of the refrigerator and the area below the kitchen sink have been cleared and cleaned.

Bed Bug Extermination

Treating bed bugs is one of the most extensive services needed. Prior to treatment, remove all bedding from all beds in the house. Wash all items, including dust ruffles, mattress covers, and sheets, on the hottest water setting. Follow instructions from your exterminator about when you should use the bedding again. Also, pick up any personal items from the floors around the house.

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