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Bed Bug Behavior

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Bed bugs have become an increasing nuisance across the country. Since 1995, the incidences of bed bug infestations have rapidly increased to an almost epidemic proportion, especially bed bugs in Las Vegas. Understanding these unwelcome pests is one of the best ways to prevent an infestation or treat one if it occurs.

Why Do We Rarely See Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are lazy. While they do come out at night to eat when a person is sleeping, they will so eat during the day if that is when a meal is available. A bed bug will eat until they almost explode, literally, and then they will go and hide and let their meal digest. For younger bugs, meals can take several weeks to digest, so they do not have to leave their hiding space. Because they only come out when they need to feed, they are very hard to find.

Bed Bugs Know When You’re Asleep

There is a lot of speculation about whether a bed bug has the ability to tell if you are sleeping or not. However, it is most likely that you are still when you are sleeping (think lazy) and it is easy for them to bite you and get their meal. Bed bugs are very small and they do not have the agility of many other bugs, they need you still so they can easily bite you.

How Often Do They Need To Feed?

Bed bugs are the only bug that eats blood in every stage of its life. The younger bed bugs, or aphids, can eat as little as once every four months if necessary. Older bed bugs they believe can lay dormant for a year if they cannot find a meal. Because they have this ability to go so long without food, bed bug infestations can keep reoccurring in an area unless it is professionally treated.

What Environments Do Bed Bugs Prefer?

Bed bugs do not like extreme cold or heat. However, any other weather does not affect them at all. They prefer to hide in very small spaces that are dry, but are not above hiding in damp areas if that is all they can find.

Bed bugs love to hide in the seams of mattresses or by the attached tags. They like to hide in the space between the mattress and box springs. Bed bugs have been found in the corners of headboards and where bed rails are joined together. If the infestation is bad, they can be found just about anywhere that there is a small space, including the space around switch covers and outlet plates.

Bed bug infestations must be treated by a professional pest control service. These bugs quickly adapt to insecticides, and a professional company will have access to all of the newest treatments that are effective against these pests.

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