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Burglars Pretend To Be Pest Control Workers

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Recently, a man posed as a city pest control worker and convinced two separate home owners to take him into their backyards to look for signs of wild animals and measure for live traps. During this time, a second individual entered into the front of the house and robbed the home.

Both home owners stated that the man was wearing a city uniform with a name tag, had a clipboard, and was very professional looking and sounding. Neither of the homeowner expected any wrongdoing.

pest control burglarHow To Avoid This Situation

The first thing that all homeowners should remember is that the city will notify you before ever sending anyone to your home. If, by chance, the person at your door is insistent that you just missed the notification and they “just need a moment of your time,” kindly ask them to wait, close the door, and call the city to verify the information. If you find out that the information is false, notify the police immediately.

What About Professional Pest Control Services?

Homeowners understand the nicety of using a pest control service to keep their homes pet-free and healthy. However, after hearing about stories above, every homeowner has the right to feel nervous about using a pest control service. There are ways that homeowners can protect themselves from being in this dangerous type of situation:

  • Request Information From Service Provider. As your service provider for the name and physical description of the service tech they are ending to your home. This is actually not unusual, and the provider will gladly provide you with this information.
  • Request Expected Time. If you know when to expect your provider, you will know that anyone not arriving during that time period is not legitimate,
  • Request License Information. When you provide arrives, compare the license information that you were given with the information the tech provides you.

Some areas in the country also have local registries that list valid service provider information for the area. You can check these databases to see if the company you are using is a legally operating entity.

Additional Things Homeowners Should Look For

If you are looking for a pest control company, there are several things that you should look for to make sure that the company is legitimate:

  • Physical Address Of The Company. Verify the physical address of the company before you consent to using the service. You can accomplish this quite easily by performing an Internet search. Knowing where the company is located is important, especially if there is ever a problem.
  • Verify License Information. A quick call to the city that issued the license or an Internet search of the license information and number will verify if the service provider is legally operating business in your area.
  • Ask Family And Friends For Referrals. If you are unsure about who to use for a pest control service, speak with family and friends about the services they use.

Using a professional pest control company is always beneficial to your home and your health. Unwanted pests in your home can cause damage and make the areas they infest unhealthy for you and your family. However, you must make sure that the pest service you use is a real business. By performing simple background checks and using caution, you will help keep your home safe from criminal activity.

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