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How El Niño Can Affect Las Vegas Bugs

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There is no denying that the western states are on high alert for El Niño in 2014. In fact, meteorologists and weather analysts are predicting an 85% chance of El Niño this year. El Niño is a pattern in the ocean bands that brings warmer water temperatures north in the Pacific Ocean. This phenomenon increases temperatures and rainfall in the Pacific states, along with increases in temperatures for all of the western states during winter.

While this pattern is good for a currently thirsty, drought-stricken western U.S., it’s also a recipe for extended pest and insect season as pests won’t find the need to migrate or hibernate through the otherwise cold winter. According to, El Nino would also increase chances for rodent-borne disease. Rain brings insects which, in turn, brings rodents. How will El Niño affect you?

El nino comparisonsWarmer Winters Mean More Bugs

  • Warmer than usual temperatures during the winter naturally lengthen pest and insect seasons, which would normally end as the air gets colder and pests migrate or hibernate.
  • Warmer winters mean less gap time between generations of insects. This gap time decrease causes many problems for agriculture and health.
  • A warmer winter will decrease hibernation time for spiders, and scorpions as insect activity increases.

Warmer winters are a natural occurrence in any El Niño year. in 2014, we are going to be particularly careful based upon warming trends that we have seen in recent years that weren’t due to an El Niño presence. In recent years, even as close as Arizona, we have seen an increase in scorpion activity. According to a story earlier this year by, Phoenix has seen scorpions come out of hibernation earlier than usual. This shortened hibernation is due in part to increased insect activity in, what would usually be, colder months of winter.

What Can You Do To Protect Your Home?

  • Ensure that entryways and windows are properly sealed in your home to prevent unwanted pest entry
  • Stay alert with your surroundings. If you see an increase in insect activity, there will also be an increase in the activity of pests that feed on insects.
  • Be careful of do-it-yourself treatments when dealing with dangerous scorpions and spiders. To be certain you’re handling the problem properly, hire the services of a pest control expert.

The pest control experts at Fischer’s Pest Control are well-equipped to handle the expected increase in pests and insects this winter. Trust our professionals to accurately diagnose which pests and insects are crowding your living areas, and execute the proper measures of prevention and cure.

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