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Desert Droughts Push More Pests into Las Vegas Backyards

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Ongoing severe droughts have caused many problems right here in Nevada. As the drought continues in the state of Nevada, wildlife has found it increasingly difficult to occupy the spaces that they traditionally inhabit.

During a drought, the outlying environments nearing the desert become increasingly dry. This dry period finds relief during the monsoon season and the wildlife inhabiting the area remain near their homes with adequate water and vegetation.

In 2014, July and August brought minimal rain across the American southwest, and Nevada wildlife saw no relief. As the drought has continued around Las Vegas and elsewhere in the state of Nevada, wildlife has found it increasingly difficult to remain in the dry environment. This difficulty is forcing them to move to more populated, urban areas. Along with wildlife migration comes an increased pest migration to urban Las Vegas.
Among these migrating pests are aggressive and deadly Africanized honey bees, also known as “killer bees”.

What Does This Mean For Your Home?

  • According to a recent article in The Desert Sun, flying insects are flocking to urban, residential areas in order to find food and water as a result of the depleting sources in the desert.
  • Honey bees, that become hostile when their hives are accidentally disrupted, are moving entire colonies to the nearest sources of water in urban backyards.
  • Though Las Vegas is behind the “peak” of pest and insect season, the severe drought conditions are adding length to the pest and insect season.

In addition harm from aggression, bees have been known to cause structural damage when a colony decides to build on your home. Hanging hives can weigh as much as 60 pounds, and may cause structural damage to roof shingles and eaves. It’s important to protect your home from large colonies before the bees create damage. Bees that find their way into cracks in your siding and foundation can colonize inside and destroy your home from the inside out.

How Can You Protect Your Home & Family?

  • Take action immediately. The key to preventing bee infestation is removal of the honeycomb.
  • If you spot a colony, don’t approach it. Africanized honey bees are very aggressive and will attack when their hives are disturbed to protect their queen.
  • Call the experts at Fischer’s Pest Control. We guarantee our treatments for 90 days

There are many different types of bees. Some are more aggressive than others. Trust the experts at Fischer’s Pest Control to identify the type of bee that is colonizing near your home, and properly solve your problem. Fischer’s Pest Control is your Las Vegas Africanized honey bee removal specialist. View our online specials and schedule your bee and pest removal consultation today. Our estimates are free, and your protection is our top priority.

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