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How Exterminators Rid Your House of Mice

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Few things are more irritating than an unexpected pest taking up residence in your home. Mice are rarely welcome visitors, and if you don’t have a cat around to take care of business, then you probably feel a little irritated just by the possibility of the presence of mice. Pest control in Las Vegas is no simple task, but there are steps you can take to reduce the possibility of mouse infestation.

How Do Mice Enter Your Home?

Pretty simple here – nothing too complicated. Mice have very flexible cartilage in their skeletons, allowing them to fit through cracks and holes much smaller than their size. There are many ways mice can enter homes, even homes built very recently. Ways they might enter your home include:

  • Through cracks and holes in your floor, wall, or foundation
  • In gaps found in windows or ceilings
  • Through your sewer line
  • Via drainage pipes not properly sealed
  • In sink or bathtub drains
  • Entry holes in plumbing and gas lines

As you can see, this means pretty much any home can be entered by mice. Typically, when temperatures cool down throughout fall and winter, mice look for areas to stay warm, and your home is a great place for them to reside. They also reproduce quickly, sometimes creating 200 additional guests in your home within just a few months.

How Exterminators Help

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” goes a very wise saying. We know this isn’t always possible, but we do know that you can have all the mice removed from your home, and then you can set it up so they’re very unlikely to ever return again.

Here are some things we might do to remove mice from your home right now:

  • Use a variety of traps to capture or kill mice – snap traps, glue traps, live traps, spring traps, or electronic traps (live traps are used to capture mice alive and set them free into the wild)
  • Monitoring stations – Each of these stations contains an attractive rodenticide that rodents like mice consume. The rodenticide eventually cause significant internal bleeding that kills the rodent in question

Prevention Works Best

If you have an infestation, make sure you have your exterminator remove all mice from your home. Once you have them out, prevention is the best action to take.

Here are some methods exterminators use to prevent mice from ever entering your home again:

  • Ensure all methods of entry into your home are tightly sealed
  • Recommend all windows and doors be kept shut tightly
  • Ensure all pet food and grass seed is kept tightly sealed in containers mice cannot chew through
  • Address infestation issues at the earliest possible point in time if they do happen

Keeping your home free of unwanted pests is no simple task, but if you follow the steps outlined in this article, you’ll minimize the chances of it happening, and the impact infestation causes when it does happen.

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