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Tips to Handle a Scorpion Bite

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Living in the Las Vegas desert you have a pretty good chance of being stung by a scorpion as scorpions love the desert climate. If you are stung by a scorpion it is important to remain calm. A scorpion sting is not deadly and will not cause permanent damage. If it is your first scorpion sting it is important to seek medical attention quickly incase you have an even worse reaction to the sting.

When you unfortunately get stung by a scorpion you will have a sense of numbness or tingling, experience swelling to the area, and sharp pain in the area. Wash the bite out right away with some hand soap and warm water. Apply an icepack to the area for 10 minutes on and off until the pain has subsided. Keep the area with the bite at the same level as your heart. Call a medical provider or poison control hotline. If the person who has been stung starts to experience muscle twitching or blurred vision in 1 eye or both do not hesitate and get medical attention as soon as possible.

If the sting occurred in your home or on your property, there are usually a group of scorpions present where 1 is present. The next step is to call a professional pest control company to exterminate any scorpion population in or around your home.

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