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5 Nasty Insects that Become Prevalent During Summer

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The insect population explodes during the summer season. They breed and produce millions of young ones, who will ultimately become a nuisance for you. They will come buzzing at you, bite you, give you rashes, and you will scratch all day long, but will never receive relief.

Some common insects which breed during the summertime:

  1. Mosquitos: They may seem small and puny, but their bite packs a punch. If it bites, you will scratch for days. They can cause diseases, and are a nuisance if you want to spend an evening in your lawn. They breed in still waters – ensure there is no place where they can breed near your house.
  2. House Flies: These pests are very irritating. They can spread disease or contaminate your food. It’s impossible to catch them behind. It seems as if they are invincible. You will have to buy sprays or keep your house closed most of the time to exclude them from your house.
  3. Cicadas: They are close cousins of locusts, but not as destructive as locusts. They don’t bite or cause diseases but make a very loud and irritating sound, which is very difficult to ignore. Make sure you keep your doors remain tightly closed so these pests stay out.
  4. Ticks: Ticks are considered to be a parasite more than an insect, but they can cause serious ailments and even deaths. They feed on the blood which they suck from the host’s body.

During that time, they feed on your blood and release harmful toxins, which can make a human very sick. In fact, you can receive Lyme Disease, and irreversible neurological condition. There are treatments to combat them. For more details contact a pest control agency in Las Vegas.

  1. Ants: These small creatures work in a team and maintain a very big army. They are always on the lookout for food and are very hard to control. You can spend literally months trying to rid your home of them after infestation – store-bought pest control options do not always work. The best way to prevent them from taking up residence in your home is to keep your house clean and free of any leftover food.

There are many other insects and pests which infest our homes such as bees, wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets. All of them are best controlled by a professional pest control agency. Las Vegas has many such exterminator companies you can contact to help you rid your home of obnoxious insect pests.

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