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The African honey bees are one of the 20,000 different species of bees that inhabit the globe. Each variety has its own specifications, habits and degree of aggression. You should always know what kind you are dealing with before you set out to remove a hive yourself, especially when it comes to the venomous African honey bees. A bee sting can cause severe allergic reactions and they aren’t called “killer bees” for no reason. It is a job best left in the hands of skilled experts. That’s what Fischer’s Pest Control services provides you with- quality professional solutions to your African honey-bee problems at the lowest price in its class.

While dealing with African honey bees one should not judge them by their size. They may look like small innocent creatures but when they sense danger they can turn into vicious predators with the blink of an eye, becoming a danger to you and even your pets. Bees are very colonial in nature and their hive is their fortress. When you try to remove it they will attack you. In such a scenario you should be protected and equipped with proper gear to face them. The Fischer’s Pest Control family has the experience and best equipment available to do the job. We eliminate and also prevent future infestations of the bees, providing a complete solution.

African bees have been believed to be hybridized from the African honey bees, and they spread into the States from Brazil and the South American continent. They are very identical to European bees, but their activities and habits are quite different. For example, the African ones are more aggressive that their European counterparts as they respond faster to disturbances and defend their colony in larger numbers. It is only via experience that one can really understand what they are dealing with and proceed accordingly. Any wrong move can cause you lifelong allergies or diseases from a large amount of bee stings.

Sometimes it may so happen that bees make their hive in a place that is not very accessible by the humans, like a hollow space between two walls wherein the bees are getting inside only via a small hole. In such a case, it is highly recommended that you call professional help as removing a hive in this case has increased risks of a stings due to close proximity. Still, these bees may be attracted to household plants and flowers, bringing them closer to you and your home.

African honey bees usually live in large numbers as much as fifty thousand in a single colony. Add to it their aggressive nature and you get a deadly combination and it would not to be wise to combat them yourself. Take no chances with your life and family. Call professionals, call Fischer’s Pest Control.

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