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Tips to Remove Bees in Las Vegas

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Bee Removal

Are you headed into the summer season? Are you worried about the pest problems ahead, most notably pesky and dangerous bees that love to form hives outside and inside your home?

Have you already begun to hear the buzzing? Are you afraid to remove the hives?

If you need bee removal services, then it is normal to be fearful. Bees can be dangerous, and it is easy to get stung by multiple bees if you are not careful when taking down a hive. In fact, most people should not attempt bee removal because of the associated dangers of getting stung and suffering from a severe allergic reaction brought upon by multiple bee stings. If you are in this situation, then it is time to call a professional bee exterminator. Bee exterminators have professional training and wear protective clothing when removing your bee hive. They face the danger so that you do not have to, and they have the tools and resources needed to remove the hives properly and safely. Learn more about safe bee removal by using this handy guide of removal tips, and remember to contact your bee exterminator as soon as your hive appears.

#1: Wear Protective Clothing

Get prepared for your investigation of the bee hive by outfitting yourself in long-sleeved clothing, goggles and protective gloves. This helps to make sure that if you do encounter bees, your body is at least covered. It also is good to tuck your pant legs into closed-toe boots or other shoes, as bees can fly up your pant legs. Finally, put a cap over your head to protect it. You now are ready to investigate the beehive scene at your house.

#2: Confirm the Hive Has Bee Activity

Observe the hive several times a day for a week. Notice whether the hive is active. If you do not see any bees coming and going from the hive, then it is an old hive, and you can remove it without any trouble. Fire up the garden hose and wash it away.

#3: Do Not Seal Holes in Your Home

Do not seal up holes in your home. Please do not do this! If you have found a hive near a hole in your home or you see bees moving in and out of a hole in your home, do not seal the hole. If you do this, you could trap bees inside the walls or structure of your home. They will produce hives on the inside, and you may smell honey throughout your house. The honey likely will attract other rodents, and you will have more than one pest problem on your hands. Instead of sealing the hole, call us for expert removal.

#4: If Hive has Live Bees, Call Exterminator

If you are concerned that a hive is live, you should call your bee exterminator immediately so that they can remove the hive on your behalf. You can attempt to spray insecticide on a live hive, but you also are risking your health and safety. For example, you may need to climb up on a ladder to reach the hive and you could react to the presence of bees and fall off the ladder.

#5: Burn Removed Hives

If you have removed an old hive from your home, burn it. Bees are known to repopulate old hives, and so the only way you can ensure this does not happen in the future is to get rid of the hive completely by burning it. Follow all fire safety precautions as you are preparing to burn the hive. Never leave a hive on the ground or simply throw it in the trash. You always must take the extra step of burning it.

Bees in the spring and summer are some of the worst pests a family can face. Whether they are buzzing or flying through your home, they are a threat to you and your children. Bee stings can cause allergic reactions that lead to asphyxiation and even death, especially in young children who cannot sustain the bee’s venom. Do yourself and your family a life-saving favor, and call us as soon as you see a hive forming inside or outside your home. By taking steps to prevent the bee colony from multiplying, you will be helping to keep your home safe and bee free. Do not let fear or embarrassment hold you back from calling a professional to take care of your bee problem for you. Professional bee exterminators are equipped with the bee removal tools and clothing that make removal safe for all parties involved. Call Fischer's Pest Control in Las Vegas today for a free estimate and consultation. Breathe and sleep more easily knowing that your home is bee free! Contact us today!

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