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Rodent Control and Mice Control

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Imagine a common household; dilapidated, the wall paper coming off its walls, little creatures with long tails squeaking around, and stench in the air. Sounds familiar? Well, if you have been ignoring a rodent problem in your home, they can be burrowing in your walls and could cause major damage to your home quickly.

Infestation of rodents drastically increases the chance of your being infected by diseases they could be carrying. They are the major carriers of the agents of Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, which can spread through from infected rodents through their bites, droppings or even the fur that falls from their body. Especially if there are children in your house, you cannot afford to have rodents in your house, as infants are more likely to contract these diseases.

Rats, as cunning as they are sneaky, find their way into your house at one time or another. Although preventive maintenance is very important, it is not always what people consider as a priority, maybe because of the expenses and time involved. To many people, the remedy is off the shelf products like poisons and baits. If not administered properly, these can endanger non targeted pests, and cause more trouble than good. When dealing with poisons or chemicals it should be left upon the professionals. Rats are underestimated by most people; they are disease infested rodents and should be maintained under control, or eliminated.

Even if we use the latest electronic traps to catch the mice, we are only eliminating the effect and not the cause, which leaves room for more rodents to make a safe haven in your own house.

Rodent management, control, and elimination should begin with a thorough inspection of the building, or property which needs such attention. Identifying the rodent “target” is an important step in deciding what procedure of control must be taken. Rat proofing a home is the first step towards exclusion. The main and all possible entry points must be identified. Not all entries are visible from outside. One must go into attics or crawl spaces to find the most accessible entries for rodents, which are often missed by inexperienced technicians.

Once the rodents have been removed and the area proofed, decontamination is required to ensure complete rodent control.

Thus, whenever the need arises, clearing our surroundings of such pests should have the highest priority on our to do list.

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