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Scorpions in Las Vegas

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scorpion in las vegasScorpions are very common in Las Vegas and the Las Vegas Valley. There are 25 different species that can be found in this area. Three of these species, however, are very abundant in Las Vegas, with one of these being the most venomous type of scorpion in North America.

Residents of Las Vegas can fully appreciate what nuisance scorpions are in and around their home. The sting of a scorpion can be very painful, if not dangerous, and they can also be dangerous to pets. This is why if you find scorpions around or in your home you should contact a professional pest control service immediately.

Most Common Types of Scorpions in Las Vegas

Of all the types of scorpions found in the Las Vegas Valley area, the following are the four most common scorpions that you will encounter.

  • Bark Scorpions – This scorpion is the most common and most venomous of all scorpions. These scorpions live in communities that can grow into the thousands. It should always be assumed if you see one that there are many more nearby. These scorpions average about three inches in length and are a light brown color. They have a very slim tail with a very curved stinger.
  • Striped Tail Scorpion – These scorpions are easy to identify because of their striped tail. They are about three inches in length and have a proportionately sized tail.
  • Giant Hairy Scorpion – The Arizona giant hairy scorpion is very scary looking. They are generally around four inches big, with some growing up to five inches, and are covered in black hair. These scorpions are large enough to eat lizards and are very aggressive hunters.

Where Do Scorpions Hide?

scorpions hiding under rock

Scorpions are continually seeking out food, water and shelter. They look for damp places to hide because they often provide all three. Damp areas, such as piles of wood or leaves outside, or a pile of clothes on the floor in the bathroom will provide water and shelter, and since these areas often attract other bugs, they provide food as well.

A scorpion will hide anywhere that it feels safe or feels it can meet any of its basic needs. Many residents of Las Vegas have found them outside of their homes near water spigots or under doormats. Inside the home, it could be anywhere that is dark and safe, including your shoes.

What to Do if You Are Stung by a Scorpion?

person stung by scorpion

If the person who has been stung by the scorpion is a child, especially a small child, seek medical attention. Additionally, those who are elderly or in poor health may also want to seek medical care. Scorpion venom can cause your heartbeat to increase and your blood pressure to rise.

If you are an adult in good health, you can treat the area in the following manner:

  • Wash with warm soapy water. You want to make sure the stung area is clean.
  • Apply ice to the area. The ice will help numb the pain.
  • Take an over-the-counter pain reliever.

A scorpion sting may lead to additional symptoms, especially if you have been stung by an Arizona Bark Scorpion. These may include nausea and vomiting, upset stomach, pain in the stomach, headache and dizziness. Sadly, you will have to suffer through these symptoms for a day or two until they pass. If they continue to get worse, however, seek emergency medical attention.

How Do You Find Scorpions?

scorpion glowing in the blacklight

Scorpions are most active at night. This is when a majority of the bug population comes out, and this population is their food source. Soon as the light comes on, however, they scurry away into hiding. The best way to find scorpions is with a black light.

Scorpions have an enzyme within their bodies that glows when it is hit with black light. You can find these creatures even the smallest spaces when you see them glow. Removing them, however, can be a little more difficult.

Treating Scorpion Infestations

Some people resort to using things like a vacuum to get rid of the scorpions. While this may be effective for removing one or two scorpions, it is not really effective for eliminating a colony. It’s best to leave it to the professionals.

Professional pest exterminators can eliminate any scorpion problems you may have in and around your home. They can also treat for any other bug problems that may occur which will eliminate the food source for the scorpions. Reach out to a professional pest control company immediately. It’s the safest, most effective method of treating scorpion problems.

In the end, no one really wants to encounter a scorpion. They are ugly little creatures that pack a solid punch if you are hit with their stinger.

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