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What Attracts Ants Inside Your Home?

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When it comes to household pests, ants are the number one problem. These tiny nuisances can invade a home without warning and be nearly impossible to get rid of without professional help. Ant colonies can have thousands of individual ants residing in them, making it hard to stop the invasion once it begins (some colonies are so large that their activity might actually be visible from space). But even small numbers of ants in Las Vegas can be very frustrating when they settle in your home.

There are, however, some things that you can do around the house that will make your home a less desirable place for the ants to forage for food. Understanding what attracts ants to your home is the key.

What Ants Are Attracted To In Your Home

Ants are continually looking for food and water. Unlike some household pests that are attracted directly to humans by detecting body heat or CO2 in our breath, ants will hunt for food or food debris that we leave behind. Ants are attracted to anything that is damp or that contains standing water in your home. They are also attracted to anything that is sugary or smells sweet. Ants are also attracted to bread and pet food.

To prevent ants from searching for food, make sure to eliminate any standing water in your kitchen area and be sure to wipe out the sink when you are done. This should also be applied to your bathroom. Additionally, you should make sure that damp clothes or towels are not left on the floor, the ants will chew on these items to get the water out, destroying the cloth.

Store bread and other dry goods in plastic containers to prevent ants from smelling these products. Placing a bay leaf in each container will provide extra protection. Store fruit in the fridge and wipe down the outside of containers of syrup and honey. Clean up any spills immediately. I you delay cleaning up the spill, the ants will come, even if it is cleaned up later.

Especially in the winter when outdoor foraging is more difficult for ants, do not allow pet food to remain on the floor in their dish overnight or for extended periods during the day. Ants will attack the food and keep returning once they established a continual source of food.

If you recycle soda cans or other containers, make sure to thoroughly rinse them out before placing them in the recycle bin. Recycle bins are often the leading cause of ant infestations.

How Long Does It Take For An Item To Become Covered In Ants?

The timing on ants can be very different based on each individual situation. If the home has already been invaded by ants and they are lurking in the shadows waiting for a meal, they could react instantly to finding food and water. If the ants are still outside or have not marked this area as a place to find food, it could take several hours or days.

Ants will return to the same spot over and over once they have established that it is a good source of food and water. Once this has happened, it can be extremely difficult to get rid of the ants as they establish networks of pathways into your home. the only option is to have a professional pest control service come in and handle the issue.

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