finding a mouse in your house

Dangers of Common Rodents Found In Las Vegas

Discovering a rat or mouse in your home can be very unsettling. They are highly destructive creatures that can be difficult to eradicate. That’s why it’s crucial to identify signs of an infestation and get rid of any unwanted pests… read more

How to Keep Wasps Away

As temperatures climb, we’re all spending more time outdoors with our families. Las Vegas is the perfect place for walking, hiking, laying out by the pool or enjoying a bbq. Unfortunately, there’s also the risk of wasps and other outdoor… read more

How to Get Rid of a Spider Infestation

Although many spiders are often harmless to humans, people don’t like them lurking around in their homes. In some cases, especially in spiders in Las Vegas actually can be hazardous to you, your family and even your pets. The population… read more

What To Do For A Wasp Sting

Las Vegas is known for warm, sunny days that bring visitors from all over the world. Unfortunately, this heat also creates an ideal environment for bees, hornets and wasps. If you happen to be stung by a wasp while enjoying… read more