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Prevent Rats in Your Home

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If you suspect you may have a rat problem in your home here are some common signs to look for. Have you noticed the edges of windows, doors, walls, wires and food packages looking gnawed or chewed on? Have you seen tracks in dusty areas around your home? Have you seen droppings behind objects and near walls? Have you noticed smears on the walls in your home? Have you noticed any burrow holes around sidewalks, foundations, or platforms in your home? If you have answered yes to any of these problems you could have a rat problem. Call a licensed pest control company right away.

There are a few things you can do to prevent rats or keep them under control until the pest control company comes to your home. Rats love to find their home in dark undisturbed places and travel against walls and pipes to find their way. Remove any possible area the rats can be seeking shelter in if possible. Get rid of any trash in your yard or around your home. Keep weeds, bushes, and grass well kept and landscaped. Keep doors closed when you are home. Close any holes in walls, around pipes, foundation or floors. Get rid of any clutter in your attic, basement, garage or spare bedroom. Do not leave food out in your home. Do not leave pet food out overnight indoors and outdoors. Do not leave food out on your counters. Also it is a good idea to have lids on all of your trashcans. And sweep your kitchen and dining area often to clean up and crumbs that may have fallen on the floor. Rats are very attracted to water and can live in water for up to 3 days so it is a great idea to control of any standing water or leaking pipes or faucets.

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