Few things strike terror in the hearts and minds of Las Vegas homeowners like roaches, scorpions, and even bedbugs, which is why pest control in Las Vegas is needed. These pests can be a major concern, risking health problems, allergies, or even venomous threats to those who live this city. For these reasons and more, timely extermination of these pests is important, and should generally be done by a qualified professional who can bring the right sprays, poisons, and preventative measures to the job so the problem doesn’t repeat itself in the future.

For those homeowners who think they might be able to handle the problem themselves, or those who think the problem may not be severe enough to warrant the services of a professional, consider the following information about the most common types of pests found in and around most Las Vegas homes.


People like to joke that, in the event of a mass human extinction, roaches will inherit the earth. It might sound like hyperbole, but it’s rooted in one key truth: getting rid of roaches is nearly impossible for the average homeowner without professional pest control in Las Vegas, due in large part to their genetic resilience. Roaches are hard to kill, and even the act of stomping out a few roaches will do nothing more than release the eggs necessary to further the infestation.

For this reason, hiring a professional is the best way to tackle the problem. Common roach environments, like dark and damp areas, can be eliminated. Pesticides can be put in place as well, and roaches can be on their way out in just a few moments’ time. It’s a result that even the most persistent homeowners often cannot achieve on their own.


Perhaps the hardest infestation to handle is that of bedbugs, which tend to spread at an alarming rate and can soon be found in every bed, every blanket, and even every sofa located throughout the home. If this pest isn’t quickly and professionally eliminated, it can lead to serious problems for a home’s occupants. Large numbers of bites will look just as bad as they itch, causing irritation and frustration among every member of the family.

Professional removal is the only way to handle this problem effectively, providing a way to kill massive numbers of bedbugs using a few simple tools. Though it often requires homeowners to leave the premises during treatment, the results will ensure a better night’s rest and a distinct lack of itchy, irritating, and unsightly bites.


In addition to easily being one of the scariest looking pests found around the home, scorpions can also be quite dangerous if they’re scared or provoked by homeowners seeking to remove them from their hiding places. With venomous tails that can wreak havoc on the typical human, these pests can require professional elimination.
A number of pesticides are effective at killing scorpions and discouraging them from nesting anywhere inside the home in the future. The kind of peace of mind that comes from this professional removal cannot be overstated, especially for those with a distinct fear of fearless, venomous insects.


Generally, people who aren’t allergic to bees typically know at least one person who is. Universally, almost everyone is terrified of this small pest that tends the nest near a home’s roof, around its deck, and near the pool in a cool area. Because the side effects of bees range from an unpleasant sting to a severe allergic reaction, ridding the premises of them is usually a serious matter for most.

Luckily, professional extermination methods both eliminate existing nests and discourage bees from coming back. That makes it safer to go outside almost immediately, a fact that terrified or allergic homeowners will appreciate throughout the spring and summer months.


Pigeons are often called the “rats of the sky,” and that’s for good reason. These birds will eat just about anything, go just about anywhere, and bring just about any disease into or around the home. Eliminating them is next to impossible for some homeowners, especially when garbage collection night rolls around.

Pigeon control will make the outdoors safer and more enjoyable. The added benefits of eliminating disease and noise are often a persuasive argument for using professional extermination services.

Other Insects

From houseflies to ants, termites, and more, insects of all kinds can be handled by a professional exterminator and generally should be. After all, where there’s one ant, hundreds or thousands more are likely hiding somewhere else. The same is true of flies, termites, and a whole host of other pests common in today’s homes.

Don’t let any kind of pest problem go untreated. Be sure to get in touch with us, so we can ensure a quick, easy removal of even the most persistent bugs and birds that typically cause homeowners headaches, actual pain, or allergic reactions.