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Bi-Monthly Pest Prevention Service

For a property under 2500 sq ft that requires general service we charge $150.00 for the initial service. After that our preventative maintenance service is $70.00 bi-monthly (every 2 months).

Covers you against All Crawling Insects (Except German Cockroaches, Bed Bugs And Scorpions). We do offer treatments for those bugs at an additional rate. There are NO contracts, but if the property is not serviced for over 90 days we charge the initial service charge to restart. If you have additional questions please call our office at at 702-815-7894 today.

While implementing our pest protection plan, high-risk areas will be sprayed with safe pesticides that have been approved for home use. Our experienced technicians are thoroughly trained, licensed, and insured, so you can feel confident that we’re keeping you and your loved ones safe while carrying out our pest prevention strategies.

We work quickly and efficiently with as little disruption to your home as possible. Because the pesticides we use are safe for indoor use, you don’t have to worry about leaving your home or posing risks to your family or pets. The repellents are meant to keep insects, rodents, scorpions, and other pests away from your home.

Las Vegas Preventative Pest Control

Solutions to Keep Pests Off Your Property in Clark County

Even though it is crucial to have a pest company on call to help you stop current infestations, wouldn’t it be amazing to stop pests in their tracks long before they ever invade? Our techs at Fischer’s Pest Control are ready to provide powerful preventative pest control for your home or business. We will investigate your property and find where pests are invading your building. After these problem spots have been identified, our helpful team of experts will aid you in sealing off all the areas where pests are getting in. We will also help you tear down or clean the areas that would attract vermin to build their nests. 

Get in touch with us now at (702) 815-7894 to begin the process of evicting pests that have infiltrated your property.

Eliminating Pests Through Powerful Prevention Tactics

One of the most effective methods of forestalling future pest invasions is through the tried-and-true method of exclusion. A team of experts comes to your house or commercial location and investigates the areas where pests might be entering, whether they are as small as bed bugs or as large as rats. 

Throughout the full evaluation of your internal and exterior location, our pest specialists will closely examine both common entry points and habitats that are attractive to pests, such as:

  • Cracks and gaps near your windows, screens, vents, and doors
  • Overgrown plant life and foliage in your backyard where pests may hide or nest
  • Small, dark places where pests may rest from the midday heat
  • Areas with accumulated moisture, such as drainpipes, sink cabinets, or bathtubs
  • Places with open food and water supply, including cabinets, cupboards, and trash cans

Reach out to us today at (702) 815-7894 or contact our team online if you would like to know more about our Las Vegas preventative pest control services.

Count on Fischer's Pest Control Why We're the top choice
  • Licensed & Insured We’re Nevada state-licensed via the Department of Agriculture and fully insured. We stay current with annual continuing education. We do use hazardous chemicals, so safety for our customers and ourselves is always top priority.
  • FPC Guarantee The Fischer’s Pest Control guarantee gives you peace of mind. When we exterminate, pests stay dead. If you see substantial evidence that your problem hasn’t gone away within 30 days, we’ll be back to fix it for free. Period.
  • Reliable Visits We’re on time and we get the job done. Your time and ours is valuable, and we hate being late just as much as you do. If your Las Vegas property requires monthly pest control, we’ll be there every month, on time and ready to work.
  • No Contracts We don’t need to get married to take care of your pest control needs. If your Las Vegas property requires monthly attention, we’ll prove our worth to you each month, over and over again. We’ve been contract-free since 2003.
  • Free Estimates We know you don’t want to be charged before the pest problem is solved.
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  • Can I Get Rid of Pests with Over-the-Counter Methods?
    Unfortunately, the generic sprays and powders you find at your local grocery store or hardware store are simply not powerful enough to stop even single pests from invading, let alone whole colonies. You will likely only end up wasting a lot of time and money if you try to take this route. To get rid of an entire infestation, always speak to professionals like our team at Fischer’s Pest Control, who can provide superior baits, pesticides, and monitor stations.
  • When is the best time for preventative pest control?

    A cool, air-conditioned home can be inviting to pests during hot Las Vegas summers, so it’s a good idea to implement a preventative pest plan before the hottest months roll around. However, our annual pest protection plans are meant to guard your home against unwanted insects, rodents, and other pests all year long. To schedule a home or office evaluation, you can reach us at 702-815-7894 or simply fill out our convenient online form, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

  • How much does preventative pest control cost?

    The cost of professional pest control and prevention will vary based on the size of your property and if you already have a pest problem. You may require extermination services in addition to preventative pest control. To get an accurate idea of how much preventative pest control will cost for your needs, contact the Fischer’s Pest Control team to schedule a FREE estimate!

  • What does your preventative pest program implementation look like?

    Our preventative pest protection plans include a full evaluation of your home or office to identify problem areas, helping to close off ways that pests can get in, and spraying safe pesticides around doors, windows, and other high-risk areas. Indoor-approved repellents and strategic organization of your property will help prevent pest infestations. You can also contact us between visits if you suspect any issues. We also use baits and granules around wet and dry soil, apply dust pesticides into cracks and crevices and use monitoring glue boards where needed.

  • How can I prevent pests from entering my home?

    The best thing you can do to prevent pests from entering your home is to seal all cracks and holes in walls, doorways, and windows. Pests are notorious for finding ways into homes, so it’s crucial to stay on top of potential entryways. Additionally, you can work with a Professional Pest Control Company to monitor potential pest problems.

  • Is There Anything I Can Do to Prevent Pest Infestations?

    There are plenty of things you can do to make your space less attractive to pests. One of the most crucial methods is keeping all food and drink sealed, so pests will not be attracted to the food. Keeping your space clean (particularly moist or contaminated areas like the garbage can or near the toilet) will keep pests at bay too.

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