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Why is Las Vegas Ranked High for Bed Bugs?

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Why Is Las Vegas A Top Spot For Bed Bugs?

Las Vegas has recently been classified as being one of the top places for bed bug infestations in the country. This is not a distinction that the city wanted. However, knowing there is a problem is the best way to conquer the problem.

Las Vegas was ranked as a top spot for bed bug infestations based on the number of calls made to pest control companies to treat this issue within a four month period. The calls were compared to the same four month period in the previous year, and the Las Vegas area saw a 50 percent increase in the number of requests for treatment.

What Makes Las Vegas a Unique Bed Bug Haven?

Las Vegas is probably more prone to bed bug infestations because of the amount of travelers that come to the city each year. With so many hotels and convention areas in the Las Vegas Valley, it will always be a battle for residents to keep bed bugs out of the area because there is a constant rotation of warm bodies with luggage that can spread the pests.

Bed bugs crawl into small places, such as the seam of a suitcase, and they can survive for almost four months without feeding. This makes them perfect or traveling from place to place. Once they find a new place to propagate, these bugs hide in small spaces until their next meal arrives. After they eat, they will hurry off to hide again, often in the luggage of the person in the room. They then travel to the next area and begin a new infestation. Check out our everything on bed bugs guide for more info.

Protect Yourself From Bed Bugs in Las Vegas

One of the best things you can do when you travel to Las Vegas, or anywhere else where you will be staying in a rented room, use the following tips:

  • Check The Bed. Look at the mattress, under the pillows, and around the corners of the headboard to see if you can find evidence of bed bugs. You will either see bugs moving around, yellowish bug carcasses, or black/red dots on the sheets. If you find any evidence of bed bugs, leave the room immediately.
  • Hang up all of your clothing and keep the hangars toward the middle of the closet. Do not place any clothing on the floor, especially around the bed. Do not use the dressers.
  • Place your suitcase on a rack that is located away from the furniture in the room. Do not set your suitcases on the floor.
  • When you arrive home, vacuum out your suitcases and make sure to go over the exterior. Vacuum the pockets and around the zipper area. Store suitcases in an area away from your bedroom or clothing.
  • If you are not going to travel for more than four months, seal your suitcases in plastic bags. Bed bugs cannot survive for more than four months without feeding. If there are any on your suitcases, they will die.
  • Make sure to wash all of your clothing in hot water and dry them with a high heat. The temperature will kill any bugs or larva. If the clothing cannot be washed in hot water, seal it in a plastic bag and have it dry cleaned immediately.

If you believe that you have brought bed bugs into your home from traveling, it is important to contact a professional pest control company quickly. Bed bugs can reproduce quickly, and one a major infestation occurs, they can be difficult to treat.

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