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The presence of scorpions in your home in Las Vegas can be overwhelming. Our technicians have extensive experience in get rid of scorpion services and pest prevention. Rest assured, you’ll be scorpion-free. It’s our guarantee.

Las Vegas scorpions enjoy cool, dry places.  You’ll find them climbing your stucco walls at night or hiding by your swimming pool during the day.

A desert bark scorpion in Las Vegas


Bark scorpions are the most common species of scorpions in the Las Vegas area.  They are a nocturnal predator that feeds on a variety of insects. A combination of black-light exclusion and monthly pest prevention is the best formula for elimination.  Las Vegas bark scorpions have a fairly poisonous sting, and are very dangerous to small pets and toddlers.

A scorpion visible with Las Vegas pest removal


With the aid of flushing agents our skilled technicians can locate and trap Las Vegas scorpions with the use of a black light.  Their exoskeleton glows in reaction to the black light revealing their location. Once scorpions are collected and removed from the Las Vegas property preventative pesticides are applied.

Pesticides that control scorpions and pests.


We treat with liquids, aerosols, dusts and baits to reduce the population of other insects that act as a food source to scorpions.  Reducing the scorpions food source prevents the presence of scorpions.  All scorpion work is guaranteed with a monthly service.

Frequently Asked Questions About Las Vegas Scorpions

I Have Scorpions in My Home. What Should I Do?

The best option for removing scorpions is to call a professional pest control service. They’ll have the equipment and training to get it done in the safest most effective manner.

How Can I Spot Scorpions Inside/outside My Home?

Scorpions are typically most active at night.When the light comes on, however, they scurry away into hiding. The best way to find scorpions is with a black light. A professional service will have the proper equipment and knowledge to find the scorpions where they hide.

How Do I Avoid Having Scorpions in and Around the Home?

As scorpions eat other bugs, it’s best to eliminate the food source. Regular monthly pest control service which keeps bugs away will also help to prevent scorpions.

What Kind of Scorpions Do We Have in Las Vegas?

There are several types of scorpions to be found in Las Vegas including the bark scorpion, striped tail, and giant hairy scorpion. The most common and most venomous is the bark scorpion. If you see one of these, it’s safe to assume you have many more.
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Fischer’s Pest Control is amazing!! I recently moved into a new house and found a scorpion. I found Fischer’s Pest Control on Google search. I called and scheduled an appointment and they came out the next day and took care of the problem. I haven’t seen anything since they did the service for me!! I would recommend calling Fischer’s Pest Control. They are very well priced and came out quick!”
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