bug eating plants

Pests That Can Affect Your Lawn

Nothing is quite as welcoming as a thick, green lawn surrounding a home. But that living outdoor carpet comes at a cost, from installing the best grass to the routine maintenance of watering and mowing. In Nevada, the average cost… read more

Mouse inside home

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Setting Mousetraps

Finding an unwanted furry creature in your Las Vegas home is likely something you want to avoid. However, mice are one of the most common pests found in the Las Vegas area. If you suspect you have a mouse problem… read more

scorpion outside at night

3 Types of Scorpions Hiding in Your Home

One common pest you will find in Las Vegas, and other hot desert cities is the scorpion. Scorpions can be a dangerous nuisance when there is an infestation in your home or business, especially as they are one of the… read more

Mouse infestation in house

Identifying and Preventing Mice Infestations

Finding mice in your home is never a good sign. Now certainly, an infestation is a bit different than simply having a few rodents hiding in your walls. Mice are known to be breeding machines since they reproduce each year…. read more