A wolf spider removal photo taken in Las Vegas.


Wolf Spider Pest Control In Las Vegas

Wolf Spider Physical Characteristics in Las Vegas

  • Covered in hair, grayish to brown in color with a variety of patterns
  • Females grow up to 1 3/8”  Males measure in at 3/4” long
  • Three rows of eyes for a total of 8 eyes


Wolf Spider Behavior

  • Seek warmth indoors as season changes to fall and weather becomes cooler
  • Nocturnal hunter
  • Wolf spiders do not spin webs


Las Vegas Spider Food Sources

  • Small reptiles and insects


Wolf Spider Life Cycle

  • Male wolf spiders live less than a year
  • Female wolf spiders can live up to several years


Related Wolf Spider Information and Warnings

  • Wolf spiders are venomous but their venom is not lethal. Symptoms include slight rash and muscle pain.


Wolf spiders in Las Vegas aren’t much of a nuisance, however their bite can be painful. Call Fischer’s Pest Control today at (702) 348-9278 if you find them on your property.