Stripetail Scorpions

Stripetail Scorpions Pest Control In Las Vegas

Physical Characteristics of Stripetail Scorpions

  • Known for having a large metasoma with keels with a striped look
  • The body and hands tend to be smooth and lustrous
  • Colors can range from light yellow-brown to having dark stripes on the body and stinger
  • Stripetail scorpions tend to be under 3 inches long
  • Females tend to be generally larger than males

Behavior of Stripetail Scorpions

  • Stripetail scorpions can be usually found under rocks and surface objects
  • Can sometimes be found inside homes
  • It seeks out the most humid areas it can find
  • Sting can be painful and venomous but not severely dangerous to humans

Food Sources

  • Like most scorpions, it feeds on primarily smaller insects, crickets, mealworms, roaches and other scorpions

Stripetail Scorpion Life Cycle

  • Males attract females through a courtship dance
  • Females can carry babies for 8 months and usually have 1-100 at a time

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