A pigeon removal subject from a roof on a Henderson NV home.


Pigeons Control & Removal In Las Vegas

Physical Characteristics of Las Vegas Pigeons

  • Color varies, typically greyish blue featuring two black bands across the wing and tail
  • Some pigeons feature colorful feathers on the neck


Pigeon Behavior

  • Congregate in large flocks, often in older structures
  • Pigeons navigate using the earth’s magnetic fields and can find their way home from distant locations


Las Vegas Pigeon Food Sources

  • Pigeons scavenge for anything from seeds to insects


Pigeon Life Cycle

  • Breed throughout year with increased breeding during Spring and Summer
  • Eggs are laid with an incubation period up to 19 days
  • Lifespan ranges 4-15 years


Related Pigeon Information and Warnings

  • Pigeons are a primary pest in urban areas
  • Pigeons and their droppings can carry up to 60 contagious diseases


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