An oriental cockroach removed from a Las Vegas home.


Oriental Cockroach Pest Control In Las Vegas

Las Vegas Oriental Cockroach Physical Characteristics

  • Blackish brown measuring about 1” in length
  • Bodies feature an oily, shiny surface


Behavior of Oriental Cockroaches

  • Dwell in dark, damp, cool areas
  • Can enter a home through plumbing
  • Often found in or near basements and bathrooms


Common Food Sources of Las Vegas Roaches

  • Omnivorous – will scavenge for anything
  • Prefer to feed on starches and grease


Roach Life Cycle

  • Egg capsules contain 12-16 eggs
  • Total lifespan is 22 months, with adulthood lasting only 1-4 months


Related Oriental Cockroach Information and Warnings

  • Oriental cockroaches are also referred to as black beetles, water bugs or shade roaches
  • The tidiest homes and businesses can become infested


If you detect oriental cockroaches or have concerns about a Las Vegas infestation, contact Fisher’s Pest Control at (702) 348-9278. We can discuss the issue with you and, if needed, prepare a treatment plan.