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Mud Dauber Wasp Pest Control In Las Vegas


Las Vegas Mud Dauber Wasp Physical Characteristics

  • Slender and long, some appear with black and yellow markings or in a bluish iridescent hue
  • Measure 3/4″ – 1” in length


Mud Dauber Wasp Behavior

  • Construct nests under awnings and overhangs of buildings by rolling mud into balls, and transporting to nest location
  • Solitary, non-aggressive


Las Vegas Food Sources for Wasps

  • Spiders including black and brown widow

Wasp Life Cycle

  • Nests can contain up to 25 eggs at a time
  • Up to one year


Related Mud Dauber Wasp Information and Warnings

  • The mud dauber can become a nuisance in garages and around your hom.  If you see mud daubers around your Las Vegas property, it is an indication they are building a nest on or around your property.  Call Fischer’s Pest Control today at (702) 348-9278 if you notice the wasp on your property.