Giant Hairy Scorpions

Giant Hairy Scorpions Pest Control in Las Vegas

Physical Characteristics of Giant Desert Hairy Scorpions

  • This species is usually a yellowish color with a dark top with brown hairs covering its body
  • Has large lobster-like pincers
  • Can grow up to 7 inches in length

Behavior of Giant Desert Hairy Scorpions

  • Also known as Hadrurus Arizonensis, it is the largest scorpion in North America
  • Can commonly be found under rocks containing moisture
  • These scorpions are aggressive and stay active
  • Adapts well to hot and dry climates, and can burrow into the ground up to 8ft

Food Sources

  • Because of its large size, it can feed on various types of prey
  • Includes large insects, spiders, other scorpions, lizards, and snakes

Related Information and Warnings

  • Despite its scary appearance, its venom is not dangerous
  • Giant hairy scorpions are one of three scorpion types in the Las Vegas area
  • Allergic reactions to the venom can be fatal
  • Their sting can be compared to a honey bee or wasp’s sting

Giant Hairy Scorpion Life Cycle

  • Female scorpions give birth to around 25-35 individuals
  • Male scorpions can sometimes be eaten by the female after breeding
  • Mothers carry their young on their backs from 1-3 weeks
  • Typically live 7-10 years in the wild but up to 20 years in captivity

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