Mice are also common Las Vegas pests in Nevada.


Field Mice Pest Control In Las Vegas

Physical Characteristics of Field Mice in Las Vegas

  • Tiny with, small, sharp claws
  • Brownish-gray in color with whitish colored underside

Field Mouse Behavior

  • Nest in fields and other locations with vegetation, marshy areas and farms
  • Have the ability to assess the safety of a situation and consider a strategy before acting on a plan
  • Can dig its way into a location where it detects food sources

Las Vegas Food Sources

  • Omnivorous and will eat anything they find including the corpses of other animals

Field Mouse Life Cycle

  • One litter of field mice can contain up to 14 offspring
  • Breeding occurs all year long
  • Females produce a copulation plug after mating which prevents additional mating
  • Lifespan is 1 to 3 years

Related Field Mouse Information and Warnings

  • Droppings and urine can cause allergies, asthma as well as other medical conditions

Field mice reproduce quickly. To avoid a complete infestation, Call Fischer’s Pest Control at (702) 348-9278 today.  Our Las Vegas pest control professionals will quickly and fully deal with your infestation.