A Las Vegas earwig


Earwigs Pest Control In Las Vegas

Physical Characteristics of Las Vegas Earwigs

  • Vary in colors ranging from black, brown to yellow
  • Measure in length from .15” to 3.1”
  • Cerci, or forcep pincers, can be found on their abdomen
  • Related to crickets and grasshoppers

Earwig Behavior

  • Active at night, burrow in cracks during the day
  • Attracted to water sources, such as in bathrooms and kitchens
  • Light sources attract Earwigs

Las Vegas Food Sources

  • Mainly plants, insects and other organic materials
  • Only certain species are predatory

Earwig Life Cycle

  • Earwigs grow in several stages; egg, larva, pupa and adult
  • Earwigs can live up to three years

Related Earwig Information and Warnings

  • Produce a rancid liquid to defend themselves
  • Often transported in potted plants, nursery stock or other plant material
  • Can organize in warm weather and invade homes or other structures


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