Camel Spiders

Camel Spider Pest Control In Las Vegas

Physical Characteristics of a Las Vegas Camel Spider

  • Colors range from beige to dark brown
  • Very hairy legs and body, they can grow up to 6 inches in length
  • Males tend to be smaller than females with longer legs

Camel Spider Behavior in Las Vegas

  • Camel spiders are nocturnal so they stay in the shade during the day and hunt at night
  • Known to be one of the faster spiders, can develop speeds up to 10 miles per hour
  • Bites can be painful but not venomous, consult a doctor immediately as there is a risk of infection

Las Vegas Food Sources

  • Camel spiders tend to prey on small insects, snakes, lizards, and scorpions
  • Known to stuff themselves till they can’t move
  • They can store a good amount of fat on their body to live off of when food sources are low

Camel Spider Life Cycle

  • Camel spider reproduction can be direct or indirect sperm transfer
  • Females dig burrows into the ground safely storing up a range of 50-200 eggs
  • Life expectancy can be up to 1 year

Related Camel Spider Information and Warnings

  • There are myths saying that these spiders can chase down humans and burrow into the stomachs of camels to lay eggs. What they’re actually doing is chasing your shadow for shade
  • Camel spiders in Las Vegas are common and love to take shelter in your home. They’re not venomous to humans but you should seek help if bitten as people have different reactions to spider bites

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