California Harvester Ants

California Harvester Ants in Las Vegas

Physical Characteristics of California Harvester Ants

  • Harvester ants can range from 5- 10 mm. Worker ants can vary in size.
  • Known to be different shades of red with large heads and hairs on their chin.

California Harvester Ant Behavior

  • Harvester ants tend not to invade houses and buildings but will establish nests around your yard and gardens which can sometimes destroy vegetation.
  • Harvester ants can be aggressive with painful stings that can cause allergic reactions. Aside from their stings, they are known to have a vicious bite.
  • Large dirt mounds and ruined vegetation are signs of infestation.
  • These ants are mostly active in the daytime during warm weather.

Las Vegas Food Sources

  • Workers harvest seeds and pollen directly from plants as their main food source.
  • They can also gather and feed off the corpses from dead insects.

California Harvester Ant Life Cycle

  • Harvester ants are most common in southwestern states with colonies growing up to 10,000 to 20,000 individuals.
  • A Queen can live up to 40 years. Many colonies can survive for 20 years.
  • Colonies can inhabit a nest that is up to 5 meters (16 ft deep).

California Harvester Ant Las Vegas Information and Warnings

  • Harvester ants are aggressive biters and their stings are poisonous.
  • Unlike most ants, their stinger is left in the wound.
  • Their level of aggression and venom potency can differ from certain species.

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