A dangerous brown recluse spider in Las Vegas or Henderson, NV.


Brown Recluse Spiders Pest Control In Las Vegas

Physical Characteristics of a Las Vegas brown recluse

  • Three pairs of eyes, for a  six eyes
  • The spider appears furry from a covering of small hairs on the abdomen
  • 1/4” – 3/4″ in length

Brown Recluse Behavior in Las Vegas

  • Prefers to dwell in organic materials outdoors and prefers cardboard indoors
  • Attracted to sources of warmth
  • Bites are rare, as the brown recluse is not aggressive, however, they are highly venomous


Las Vegas Food Sources

  • Insects, woodlice and sometimes other Las Vegas spiders
  • Females will eat their young as they are developing

Brown Recluse Life Cycle

  • Eggs are laid in summer months
  • Brown Recluse spiders can live up to 3 years


Related Brown Recluse Information and Warnings

  • A large percentage of brown recluse bites have mild side effects. However, depending on the type of bite, some bites can be more dangerous than others
  • Young children, the elderly and small animals are more susceptible to black widow venom and should seek medical attention immediately following a bite

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