Black Harvester Ants

Black Harvester Ants Pest Control In Las Vegas 

Physical Characteristics of Black Harvester Ants

  • These ants are dark-colored, usually black or reddish black. Their bodies are covered with either white or yellow hairs.
  • Males usually measure around 8.5 mm and females around 10 mm.
  • Sizes can vary based on factors like availability of food and competition with other species.

Black Harvester Ant Behavior

  • The typical harvester ant colonies consist of workers, winged reproductives and one queen.
  • Black harvester ants are usually very aggressive, especially when their nest is being disturbed.
  • They are ground-nesting ants, creating mounds in open areas with multiple openings on the sides.

Las Vegas Food Sources

  • Their main food sources are seeds, plants, and other small insects.

Black Harvester Ant Life Cycle

  • Black harvester ants are common during the summer.
  • Male ants die after mating while females go out to find new nesting areas.
  • Queens will continue to reproduce worker ants until her death. Queens are known to live up to 30 years.

Black Harvester Ant Las Vegas Information and Warnings

  • Be careful when dealing with black harvester ants.
  • They are known to be aggressive and will also sting when disturbed or attacked by predators.
  • People with allergic reactions to insect stings should stay cautious and keep your distance.

If you notice any signs of infestation, reach out to a professional pest control service to inspect the area and determine how to eliminate the ants. Contact us at (702) 348-9278 for a free consultation.