A photo to learn how to kill bedbugs in Las Vegas or Henderson, NV.


Bed Bugs Pest Control Las Vegas

Physical Characteristics of Las Vegas bed bugs

  • Flat, oval with front wing measuring 1/3” in length
  • Small hairs on the abdomen create a striped appearance
  • Abdomen appears bright red after feeding on blood


Las Vegas Bed Bug Behavior

  • Often reside in mattresses, linens, clothing, etc.
  • Enter the home in used furniture, luggage, and other items
    exposed to Bed Bugs
  • Feed at night using their beaks to pierce their victim’s skin and draw blood


Bed Bug Food Sources

  • Blood (especially human)
  • Water (derived from moisture in the air)


Bed Bug Life Cycle in Las Vegas

  • Females produce up to 5 eggs daily
  • Bed bugs can live longer than 10 months with a good food source and tolerable environmental conditions


Bed Bug Related Information and Warnings

  • Bed bug bites can cause rashes and other allergic reactions
  • Blood spotting on mattresses and nearby furnishings indicate an infestation
  • Early detection in essential in preventing and treating bed bug infestations


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