A photo used to get rid of scorpions in Nevada


Bark Scorpions Pest Control in Las Vegas

Physical Characteristics of Bark Scorpions in Las Vegas

  • Body is segmented into three distinct parts
  • Exoskeleton is dense and resistant to damage and glows when exposed to ultraviolet light of specific wavelengths
  • Scorpions in Las Vegas can have up to 12 eyes
  • A telson, or stinger, at end of the tail contains glands filled with venom


Behavior of Scorpions in Las Vegas

  • Nocturnal and a digger, preferring to exist underground
  • Display photophobic behavior, which is a fear of light
  • Unlike most scorpions, the Bark Scorpion likes to congregate in large groups


Food Sources

  • Carnivorous and cannibalistic, with a preference to spiders, small lizards and other scorpions


Las Vegas Scorpion Life Cycle

  • Offspring develop inside the female for up to a year
  • Each litter can yield up to 50
  • Scorpions live up to 15 years


Related Information and Warnings

  • The venom from a scorpion sting can result in severe pain and numbness. Seek medical attention immediately if you have been stung.


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