Found in a Las Vegas roach removal process.


American Cockroaches Pest Control in Las Vegas

Physical Characteristics of American Cockroaches in Las Vegas

  • Average length is 1.6” around and .28” tall
  • Reddish brown with a yellowish head
  • Largest species of cockroach


Las Vegas Cockroach Behavior

  • Dwell in dark, damp, cool areas
  • Can enter a home through plumbing
  • Often found in or near basements and bathrooms


Food Sources in Las Vegas

  • Omnivorous – will scavenge for anything
  • Prefer to feed on starches and grease


Life Cycle

  • Egg capsules contain 12 – 16 eggs
  • Total lifespan is up to 2 years
  • Females produce up to 150 cockroaches during their lifespan


Related Information and Warnings

  • Will seek warm temperatures and food indoors during cool months


If you notice American Cockroaches in your Las Vegas home or have concerns about an infestation, contact Fisher’s Pest Control at (702) 348-9278 to eliminate your cockroach problems today.