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    Since 2003 Fischer’s Pest Control, a family owned and operated business, has proudly serviced the Las Vegas Valley area. Guaranteed treatments, excellent customer service, and NO CONTRACTS for over a decade.

    We do insect control in Las Vegas, Henderson, and surrounding areas.

    Insect control for houses

    Thorough property insect inspection

    Not sure what pest is your problem? Our technicians are carefully trained to identify the many species of insects native to the Las Vegas valley. Email a photo of your pest to for a free preliminary identification. We’ll be able to offer advice about what to expect, simple tips about insect control, and what to do next.

    Pest removal from household objects in Las Vegas

    Full interior service

    We treat every point of potential insect entry inculding kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, doors, and window openings. Our control tools are cutting-edge liquid sprays, aerosols, baits, and dust pesticides. All of our products are pet-friendly and people safe. If it’s not safe for people, we don’t even consider it.

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    Full exterior service

    Our technicians create a protective barrier around the perimeter of your home with the newest liquid solutions. We also granulate all soil that becomes wet due to sprinklers or drip systems, bait all dry rock areas, and extensively examine the exterior for spider webs and wasp nests. All insect activity is carefully monitored and controlled. All products are pet-friendly and people safe.

    punctual pest removal and control for Las Vegas

    The best insect control

    Big problem, little problem, no problem. We have several options for all of your insect control needs. We offer monthly or bi-monthly preventative maintenance for clients who want to ensure they remain pest free for the long term. We also offer one time services with a 30 day FPC guarantee. Please visit our Google+ page to see what people are saying about us.

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    Famous no contract FPC guarantee

    You don’t need to be locked into a contract to receive the great customer service you deserve. We guarantee all of our insect control work and will return free of charge if you continue to experience pest problems within 30 days.


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