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Pest Control for Ants in Las Vegas

One of the most common, and perhaps most aggravating, insects around the Las Vegas area are ants. The weather in Las Vegas is very agreeable to ants, and once settled into an area, ant colonies quickly grow. Exterminating these pests will require the help of a professional exterminator because many home remedies often seem to increase egg-laying by the queens, creating even larger colonies.
Las Vegas Ants

The Most Common Ants in Las Vegas

  1. Argentine Ants
  2. Southern Fire Ants
  3. Black Harvester Ant
  4. Velvety Tree Ants
  5. Carpenter Ants
  6. Odorous Ant

Damage To People And Property

Each of the ants listed above have specific dangers associated with them. Of this list, however, the three most dangerous ants to be concerned about in this area are the Argentine, the Fire, and the Carpenter Ant.

The Argentine ant does not necessarily do anything that would be harmful to humans, such as attacking or swarming, but the breed at such a significant pace that in a matter of a few months a single colony can become several million strong, overtaking a home or property. The Argentine ant is one of the few insects that have multiple queens within one colony, and they have extended life spans compared to other ants. These ant colonies will quickly overtake a property or home making it impossible to live there without professional extermination services.

The Southern Fire ant is a very aggressive ant that is not afraid of people. If the fire ant sees a person or animal approaching it will attack. Fire ant bites are very painful and can cause severe allergic reactions. Even in people who do not necessarily react to insect bites will react to fire ant bites. Similar ants are so rampant, that they can now be seen from space on Google Earth.

Carpenter ants cause the most significant damage to property of all these species. This breed of ants is called “carpenter” because they love wood. They will chew wood and other building materials, destroying any structure from the inside out. Carpenter ants love dark and damp areas to start their colony and then they slowly invade the property until everything edible to them has been used.

Preventing Ants

Ants and Larvae in Las Vegas

While it is nearly impossible to prevent ants from invading a property without professional treatments, there are things that you can do to slow their progression and make our property less appealing to the insects. Removing all debris from your yard and piles of yard waste is the first step. Ants love dark and moist places and love piles of yard waste to start their colonies.

Avoid leaving standing water in any area if possible. Ants look for a water source, much like humans, to start their colonies. It is also very important to make sure that you seal cracks in your home foundation and around windows and doors. At the first sign of a colony developing anywhere in your yard, seek treatments to prevent them from spreading.

If the pest you’re seeing looks like an ant, but is a little off, it might be time to get a termite inspection.

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